Friday, March 1, 2013

Insta-Friday and My Surprise Adventure

Last Thursday I got a call from my BFF who also happens to be my brother's wife. We were friends first, thank you, and instead of it being awkward or weird, it's pretty stinking awesome! Seriously, my best friend is family! Anyway, she NEVER calls me--we're on Facebook and Instant Messenger and texting all the time, but we hardly ever talk on the phone. So I answer with a question mark, "Hello?"

She asks me, "So Luke and I have been thinking and we're wondering if you can come out here next week. And if you don't want to answer, let me talk to Gary."

Really! That happened! 

Luke and Lisa live in Virginia. I haven't seen Lisa for two years. I saw Luke for about half an hour at dinner in California last October. They've also had a kid! Declan is 5 months old and I hadn't gotten to see him or hold him.

So 20 minutes later Lisa forwarded me an itinerary leaving Monday morning and coming back Thursday! Yes, I got to spend the week in Virginia with Luke and Lisa and Declan!!!

 On Friday I needed to get groceries and a couple last-minute things for my last-minute trip. Jonathan and Jared stayed at the house and played in the snow, while Josiah came with me to the store. 

1. Snowball! Good thing I was on the other side of a window!
2. Boys and their toys-even in the snow!
3. Rockin' the shades, baby!
4. Love this profile! #lovethisboy
5. Reading Dick & Jane with Grandpa. #timeless #dickandjane
6. I spy... Crayons, keys, sunglasses, a spoon, a spork, silly putty, note pad, other pads, pacifier, finger puppets, gum, boys underwear, lotion, pills, trash...   

Monday morning was an early one. Gary took me to the airport and I was off on my adventure! I hadn't had time to mentally prepare for being away from my kids so I missed them a lot, but I thoroughly enjoyed the hour at Starbucks with a yummy lunch and my favorite magazines and no interruptions!

1. Headed East into the sunrise.
2. Sunrise in the Show-Me state. #Missouri
3. Good morning St. Louis airport!
4. There's my plane! #STL #Missouri
5. Hello from Charlotte! #northcarolina
6. Lunch time at the airport-$14. #Starbucks #salad #Charlotte #layover
7. Perfect way to wait out a layover! #betterhomesandgardens #countryliving #placetochargemyphone
8. Baltimore! #Maryland
9. Look who's looking at me! #babydeclan       

Two days with Luke and Lisa and Declan! Sleeping in, watching TV, chatting with my BFF, holding a baby, giving him a bottle, not cooking or cleaning, shopping, hanging out at Caribou... Lovely!

1. Enjoying Luke's cooking!
2. Love this baby! #nephewdeclan
3. Lovin' the baby time! #nephewdeclan 
4. Yay! BFF and nephew time!
5. Good little shopper! #nephewdeclan
6. After breakfast chillin' with Mr. Declan.
7. Yay! Favorite brother and favorite friend!
8. Having fun with baby Decs. #nephewdeclan
9. Proof! My bro. #Virginia #Declansdaddy

Thursday morning came way too soon (and way too early!!!) 

1. At the gate before the sun is up. #cantwaittoseemyfamily
2. Good morning from the Philadelphia airport.
3. My vanilla chai latte is really good! #waitingformyflight #Philadelphiaairport
4. Welcome home indeed! #Ilovemyhusband (Seriously, when Gary opened the door to the car and I saw three dozen roses on the seat I started crying! I'm so blessed to have him!)  

Gary and I went to lunch and then drove the last hour home (still staying with Gary's parents in Missouri). I could. not. wait. to see my little guys!

I linked up at Jeanett's. Have a great weekend!

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  1. I have been waiting for this post. So glad that you had a fun time. Isn't Declan a sweetie?

  2. What a sweet surprise trip! Glad you got to enjoy time with your bff and family. :)

    julee @ D.I.Y. Louisville

  3. Your surprise trip looks like it was a blast. Would love one of those right about now ;)

  4. Fun! What an awesome, family, rest, friendship, and the renewed relationships at home, too. Wonderful.



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