Thursday, September 15, 2011

How NOT to Make a Pennant Banner

Pennant banners are all the rage. From nurseries to cake toppers, everyone is making one. Here I've put together a post on how NOT to make your very own!

1) Start by finding some fabric. I intended to use each of these receiving blankets but couldn't bring myself to cut them all up. I only sacrificed one.

 I'm not sure why, cuz I don't use receiving blankets. I've had three babies and I'm still not sure what receiving blankets are for! Not for warmth--much too thin. Not for swaddling--not big enough for my huge babies... What ARE they for? 

By the way, this set of adorable blankets was a gift, thereby making this project FREE.

2) Without researching, planning or giving it much thought, cut triangles out of your chosen fabric.

3) Keep cutting, willy-nilly, until you're tired of cutting. I ended up with eight triangles. Remember that. 

4) I opt not to properly trim the edges or to make my pendants double-sided. This is art! For a baby's room! That I'd been working on for four months! Enough already!

5) Grab your eight little flags and head down to the sewing machine. Mine is in our unfinished basement. I had to duke it out with a cricket for the right to use my machine!!!

6) Rummage through the drawers full of your Grandma's sewing supplies and thank your lucky stars that there is some edging material. From the 80s. Seriously. Ribbon would have worked too.

7) Neglect to take a picture of the date on the package so you have no way to prove that you are stash-busting from the 80s!

8) Sew a very sloppy zig-zag stitch to attach the flags to the edging strip.

9) Take a poorly lit picture of your inherited vintage Elna sewing machine. 

10) Decide that the banner is too wrinkly and bust out the Downy Wrinkle Releaser. Why iron when you don't absolutely have to?

11) Grab a chair to hang your banner with thumb tacks. 

12) Realize it's not centered and try again.

13) Count your flags and wonder why there are only six. Didn't you cut out eight?

14) Decide it doesn't matter!

15) Find the missing flags a day later 

16) Debate whether to get the chair, climb up, unpin, take everything to the basement, rip out some of the zig-zags and add the two additional flags is worth it. 

17) Decide you can decide later.

18) Meanwhile, enjoy your pendant banner!


  1. You are so much more like your mother then your grandmother!

  2. then? than? Help me out school teacher.

  3. Hello! I just discovered your blog, and I love this post! This sounds like something I would have done :)



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