Monday, September 19, 2011

Nursery: Cost Breakdown

Part of what I love about my third little guy's nursery is that it didn't cost me much to put together. Time, yes. Money, no. Except for the board and batten, I used what I had around the house to make this a beautiful NEW space for Baby.

You could claim this was the third time I've put a nursery together, so of course I had everything on hand. But I didn't! This nursery is completely different from the rooms my other boys had. The only thing that's the same is a sweet little rocking chair (given to us), a small bookshelf (built by my dad when I was five) and the crib (given to us for our firstborn).

Enough gabbing. Here's the illustrated breakdown.

Bless you if you took the time to read all of those scribbles! To summarize, I guestimate that the board and batten cost around $75 and the paint for the crib was about $10 more. I refinished the dresser and vanity last March and would guess that project to cost about $15 for supplies (if you don't count the whole gallon of paint or primer because I didn't use it all). 

So about $100? Not bad!

Just a few more things: I LOVE These pictures were much darker before I edited them. The edits didn't always keep the blue its original hue, however. I would say the true blue hue -ahem- is most accurately represented in the closet picture and the one with the chair. Also, if you look closely at the hardwood floors, you'll see they're in TERRIBLE shape. That's all going to be fixed next week! I'm so excited!

And last but not least, if anyone is still reading (thanks, Mom!), I was contacted today about featuring this nursery online portion of a baby magazine! I'm honored!

Ok, time to tuck my little guy in for a nap in that same nursery!

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  1. What a beautiful and VERY THRIFTY room! I love your gallery wall.

  2. So proud of you Dolly! Grandma would have loved the nursery. I made you a red gingham nursery (white crib from Phyllis, gingham quilt that I made complete with a crib shirt and curtains)and she hated it - couldn't believe that I would use red on a baby's room and her first granddaughter at that!!

  3. Ellie, I just love the look and feel of that room. It is a very calming room.

    I will be back to hosting the Wednesday Bunny Hop this week. Not sure if I told you in my last comment when I thanked you for joining the BIG blogroll :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday Bunny Hop Party
    (linky opens @ 4:00 PT on Tuesday)

  4. Makes the PERFECT nursery all that much more impressive!

  5. wow, such a gorgeous nursery! You did such a beautiful job!

  6. Absolutely beautiful! Stopping by from The Domesticated Mama!! I LOVE the wall paneling :) Great job!

  7. I am SO impressed with this nursery! I just love it. What a fun blog you have! Looking forward to spending more time here.

  8. Oh, I love your nursery! What an enchanting space! I love the way you reused so many things from around your home! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Love your nursery...I found you through My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia- Great post here. I am your newest follower. I am a Nana to a bunch of grandkids and love your blog because I can tell you love your kids! Hugs- Diana

  10. What an absolutely gorgeous nursery! I think that gallery wall is just amazing and love how you created this stunning space for so little money. Well done! :-)

  11. Such a gorgeous gallery wall. I love your idea of framing things like the cute outfit!

  12. Wow! It's beautiful and so unique (in a good way). I love the barn board valance. That is so darn creative.

    I'm totally behind. I can't believe I missed all these posts.



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