Monday, September 5, 2011

Inspiration Files: Green Living Edition

Every now and then I get a bad case of wanderlust. 
As in, I want to move.

This long weekend we spent a lot of time outdoors near water, and it rekindled my dream of living in a cabin by a lake or river or stream or pond or puddle...
So as is my custom, I googled it! Ha!

Not google, per se, but craigslist.
Real estate.
Kalispell, Montana.

And fell in love!

This little gem is a 1000 sq. ft. passive solar straw-bale home, plumbed for radiant heat, and built post and beam style with milled trees from the property (2.4 acres). The ceilings are R-48. There is a new, efficient wood stove heater. The master bedroom and bathroom are upstairs and open onto a deck. Downstairs is the living room, a "sun room", a dining area, and what will become the kitchen. Off the back is another bedroom, a bathroom, and a utility room.

Oh, and this is their view:

Sign me up!

I could still choose the kitchen I want, we'd make the downstairs room a bunkroom for our three boys, and we'd spend a lot of time outside! My husband could build a shop/garage, we could add a greenhouse and a big patio with outdoor living and dining areas.

A girl can dream, right?

Did I mention is was selling for $80,000!

What do you dream of doing? Where would you go if you could?
What's stopping you?

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  1. Oh, dear. This listing makes my heart flutter. I love the Flathead Valley and beloved Glacier National Park which is not too far away. Sigh.



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