Monday, September 12, 2011

Inspiration Files: Black Kitchens

Black is my go-to color. 
I have at least 5 black tops, not including sweaters and coats. Black pants are a staple. Then there are all my black shoes...

In my home I have black bookshelves, back chairs at the kitchen table, a black end table, black picture frames and recently my husband and I have been considering black cabinets in the kitchen.


The hutch above is just beautiful to me. I like how it's distressed, but I don't think I could do that to brand new kitchen cabinets!

I love the kitchen below! I like how the black cabinets look with nickel hardware, the stainless appliances and the natural colored blinds. I like that they used white for the walls, trim and upper cabinets, as well as a light-colored backsplash. With two sets of double windows, the kitchen doesn't look dark at all.

Our kitchen has three windows and gets lots of light. I actually worry that a white kitchen would be too bright! Is that silly?


The next kitchen is much whiter but I like the contrast of  the black island. This kitchen also has black counters. While I love how black counters look, I don't think that's what we'll go with in our kitchen. For one, they're most likely granite and that's not in the budget. Besides, we're just not fancy enough for granite! LOL! I've also heard that dark counter tops are impossible to keep looking clean!


This next kitchen has black uppers and lowers as well as black appliances. That's a lot of black! At this point we're thinking of just adding open shelves for uppers to try to keep costs down and to make our kitchen feel more open. This kitchen also has a white farm-style sink which we like. I love how it contrasts with the black base cabinets.


Below is another black kitchen. It could easily be modified to be more trendy--take off a couple doors, add a beadboard or tile backsplash, and add more substantial moulding.

source: google images

Next up is Layla's kitchen. I love it in black! I like the molding and shelf supports she and Kevin added, as well as the texture of the baskets. What a life-saver those baskets must be when there are no doors to close to hide the mess! I also love the beaded board in Layla's kitchen.

So there you have it! Black lower cabinets, stained wood counters, a white farmhouse sink, white beadboard backsplash, natural colored baskets... Next time I'll post inspiring open shelving pictures.

We're hoping to be able to do our kitchen next spring, but we'll see. We thought for awhile it would be last spring, but life (and babies) happens! Last summer I posted how our kitchen currently looks and shared some kitchens that inspire me. That post is here.

Do you have black in your kitchen?
Edited to add:

A faithful reader, RHome410 from Friday is Pizza Monday is Soup, included a link in the comments, and that kitchen is so exactly what I was looking for that I decided to add it to this post. Here's the eye-candy!


  1. I love black kitchens! I would paint our cabinets but my husband would think I'm crazy since they are a nice dark maple wood tone. Still I love the clean look of all those dark cabinets!

  2. Just don't put black and red unless you want chickens!!

  3. I love black kitchens, too. My sister almost did one, but she had to consider resale and decided not to. Have you seen this one on Crownpoint's website? It's one of my favorites.

  4. Beautiful kitchens! I love black, too. That's why we painted our wine & liquor hutch black. Can't wait to follow along with your kitchen reno.

  5. I love all the black in your kitchen. It looks really nice.

  6. We are in the process of remodeling the kitchen in our condo, which is empty now but will soon be our primary home. I, too, love the look of black.

    We chose Home Depot's Innermost line, primarily because they are made in the USA. They will be maple, stained Onyx, in the Kendall style, which looks very shaker/arts&crafts. We're using brushed nickel pulls (cups for the drawers, handles for the doors).

    We're debating now whether to go with tan or white granite tops - I think the white might just be a tad to sterile looking, and the tan would tie in the brown in the wood flooring.

    You're totally correct about black countertops being very hard to keep clean. Between smudges and dust (and dog dander...) I'm always either dusting or thinking I should be dusting...

    Haven't seen yet whether your project is done - I'll do some more reading of your blog for an update.

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