Thursday, May 22, 2014

Treasure Hunt Creatures

I didn't plan to turn yesterday's Rainy Day Treasure Hunt into a two-part post, but the adorable little critters we made after one of the hunts are just too cute not to post!

On this slightly rainy day, I gave each child a bag for treasures. When they weren't hunting for worms...

or balancing on curbs...

... the children collected small rocks, a couple sticks, pinecones, a piece of broken pottery.

I don't have a picture of the next couple of steps, so you'll have to imagine what it looks like to wash up the little treasures and let them dry on a towel. ;) When the little things were dry, I glued a set of eyes on it!

I love how whimsical and charming they are!

The boys like making up names and stories with the little critters.

 So there you have it! A quick little craft for a rainy day!

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