Monday, May 19, 2014

Simple Solutions: Canning Jar Lids and Straws

Guys, I'm in love.

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen a few of my recent posts with some sort of beverage in a canning jar with a straw. Chocolate smoothie, herbal tea with lemon, iced coffee with Truvia and half 'n half... And when we moved out of our home in Iowa, I started using canning jars as our glassware. They're so much harder to break, and quite trendy too!

I've seen adorable lids on Etsy and almost bought myself some, but my husband said he could make some for me. But Target and Ball saved the day!

Sometimes after a busy day of babysitting, I take a 5- or 10-dollar bill and head to Target to unwind. Seriously, my trio is challenging enough, then add in a few more kids that belong to other people? Some days are downright difficult! But this day, the clouds parted and there were rainbows and unicorns when I saw these white jar lids and straws! They are sold in a 4-pack for about $4. I got the wide mouth version and have since gone back for the narrow mouth ones too.

These are great for helping keep liquids inside your jar and bugs and small fingers out. I plopped this big guy in the drink holder on my double jogger when we took a long walk to the park. It was perfect! No spills or splashes and I could rehydrate without stopping to take the lid off of my jar.

On this picnic last week, I filled a jar for each of my boys with iced herbal tea sweetened with honey. They loved having their own jars!

By the way, the Ball lids come with white and green striped straws. I got this set of blue ones also at Target. I like them because they're blue they have a small ring around the bottom which prevents them from getting pulled out of the the lid and getting lost or chewed on or used as digging tools at the park. Not that anyone I know would do that...

So there you go! Run out and get some!

*I wasn't perked or paid to say this, neither Ball nor Target know I exist, but maybe they should!

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