Friday, May 23, 2014

Something Blue

You know when you see something and totally want to buy it but then you look at it and think, "I could make that"? And then you do, and it turns out better than you thought it would?

We've all seen Stacy's amazing Mason Jar Planter Wall Board. I've always loved it and wanted to make one.

Stacy's Mason Jar Planter Board

Then a few weeks ago while at Target, I saw this cute little number by their Threshold line.

Target's Wall Plaque with Jars
I almost bought it. Twice.

The first time I talked myself out of it because I wasn't planning to spend $25 on something not "necessary". The next time I had mentioned it to my husband who said, "Why don't you just make one?" He also said I should buy it if I wanted to, so later in the week I went back to get it.

It really is adorable, Target's version. But I kinda wanted blue jars. and I wanted the board part to be longer and narrower. And I wanted jars that said Ball or Mason... It all added up to me buying a 6-pack of blue pint sized jars and leaving the wall board at Target.

I searched our wood pile and found a piece the right size, painted it white and distressed it with a sander. I added a little stain to make the distressed edges nice and dark and weathered.

I made a trip to Lowe's and browsed for something that might work to hold the jars in place. I found u-bolts and hoped they would work!

Gary had to spread the u-bolts a little so they would go around the jars. He also cut the ends of the bolts because they stuck out about an inch on the back of the board. Just so you know.

All in all, I'm thrilled with how the board turned out! The jars are so pretty, and I've been able to find good uses for them.

You know how when you change one thing you change something else in this domino effect? I just that, and that awkward space between the super-high medicine cabinet and the backsplash is a little happier.

The jar board kicked the little square mirror out of his home, so I hung him below my clock. I actually take that mirror off its nail to check the back of my head when I do my hair, as the bathroom has no other way to see back there!

Of course there's more I would do to the bathroom if the house was ours, but it's not. In the meanwhile my pretty blue jar board will keep me focused on what works rather than what doesn't!

If you'd like a pretty blue canning jar trio to hang on your wall, you can visit my Etsy shop!

Have a great weekend!

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