Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Life Lately {April}

Might as well keep plugging away! I'll feel somewhat caught up just getting these monthly Instagram recaps up. Yay me!

I've always liked hats but never felt that I looked nice in them. I really wanted to find one for THOSE hair days, and windy days and just for fun. Imagine my surprise when this little thing actually looked flattering!

Meanwhile... Jonathan has become completely obsessed by space shuttles and rockets and such. It's the subject of most of his conversations, the books he chooses at the library (and then I have to read over and over for story time), he pretends he's an astronaut and builds intricate Lego shuttles complete with boosters and a launch pad. Oh my. He also made a parachute (pictured) and was quite convinced it slowed his fall when he jumped down three or four steps. I'm sure!

Grandma and Grandpa visited! We got to show them "our" zoo! It was a cold and kinda rainy day, but there were plenty of exhibits that were warm, especially the butterfly house and the desert animals.

Look who else went to the zoo!

And Grandma and Grandpa!

Unfortunately, Jonathan didn't feel 100%, and by the next day, Grandma had it too. :(

Look! Spring is actually happening!

Grandma Joycie sent the boys a craft! Markers and glitter glue on cute little wood cut outs. Fun!

My baby isn't much of a baby anymore. I can't dwell on it much, or I'll be bawling. Why is it sad when kids grow up?

Do you  know how much energy it takes to scooter a mile? It's hard work! Jared was great about it though! He usually rides his bike. So proud of him!

Jonathan gets a such a thrill from his bike. He goes so fast too! He's usually a cautious kid, but put him on a bike and he's going so fast it looks like he's going to crash right into something, but he always manages to turn or stop or whatever. No fear there! He also just got a new bike! He's pretty proud of it. It's not the one pictured, by the way.

In other news, I'm sure I've alluded to it, but communication is not my strong suit. We had originally planned to be in Lincoln (where we've lived since August) until May when we'd go to Michigan for missionary training. But we're not at that point in our budget, so we're not going to training yet, meaning we'll be here in Lincoln for another year. So Gary is going to go to school part time and finish his theology degree! I'm super proud of him!

This is one of my favorite family traditions. We wave to Gary as he drives away in the morning. First it was just tiny baby Jonathan and me at the window, but it's grown to three little boys, and I love it! Gary loves it too. It's the little things!

I got a hair cut! At last! Seriously, it had been since July. Ugh! I feel ready for spring now. I'm also in need of a long vacation, but life doesn't usually offer that. Here I was watching a pack of little boys play--mine plus two or three extras. There was a lot of arguing and power struggling that day. I hate that. Can't we all just get along? I made reference to "Lord of the Flies" in my original post on Instagram. Know what I mean?

This was also a good picture for me to see the exhaustion in my eyes and resolve to babysit less. Seriously, I was watching extra kids this month while their mom filled in for a maternity leave. Let me tell you, it was hard! Most days I had 5-7 kids under 7 years old. Thankfully the maternity leave is over and we're back to an easier schedule. At least I hope.

And it's spring! Most days I can count on several hours of outside play for the boys and a walk for me. Not to mention seeing flowers and green things and getting sunshine makes me feel better!

I've been enjoying tea lately! My favorite is decaf green tea with Truvia (a brand of Stevia) and lemon essential oil. So yummy and refreshing and good for me!

But I'm also trying to consume more coconut oil. It's amazing for everything, my two issues being thyroid issues and super slow metabolism. So I'll blend almond milk, coconut oil, Truvia, cocoa powder and ice and enjoy a chocolate frappe!

And yes, I have a thing for canning jars and spring flowers. And icy beverages. What are your favorite spring treats?



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