Monday, May 5, 2014

Life Lately {March}

Is this thing on?

[taps mic]

Testing, testing [SCREEECH]

Um, hello! How are you? I've missed you! There's been... well, life happening. Boring, normal, daily grind stuff, not much to write home about, but I miss blogging! I miss documenting the boring, normal, daily stuff. I miss you!

So I'm going to see how this blogging thing works again. At least for now. Right now this moment is all I can promise.

So. Let's review life lately. Via Instagram, naturally.

And be warned, I'm going to back up. Last time I did this was recapping February, so it's March's turn.

Here we go!

Gary's alter-ego is a pirate! Just kidding. The picture seemed artsy and cool when I took it, now it just  is wonky. Whatever. Gary was presenting our mission plans to the Beginner's class (ages 3-5) at church and showing them where the British Isles are. The little kids caught on so quickly that if other kids don't know that Jesus loves them, who's going to tell them? WE ARE!

My sweet Josiah actually enjoyed drinking this charcoal slurry. We had some awful bugs this winter. I think it was all the babysitting, actually. You know? We didn't get out much, other people were constantly coming over and we seemed to get whatever they had... At least the kids did. Sigh. I'm so glad winter is over!

Along that vein, I ordered the medicine cabinet makeover kit from doTerra. Love it! I've used several of these little bottles up already. I'm going to try to do more posts about essential oils, although a simple google search will turn up more information about oils than I know... But at least I'll have it on record.

One tip: Jared was coughing one night. Just a little tickle that was bugging him. I put honey on a spoon and added a drop or two of essential oil and had him swallow it. I tell you, he didn't cough even once more. Amazing!

Oh man. I didn't grow up in the midwest. I grew up in California, mostly. Usually by March we'd be wearing shorts and working on tans, but here in the midwest, March is just an ugly month! It's still cold but there's not much snow, so it's all brown and muddy and you just ache for spring... So to see these geese flying NORTH was a huge sign that Aslan had returned! I mean, spring was coming!

We ended winter by teaching the kids how to play a couple board games on Saturday nights. Fun times! This is Rummikub, in case you didn't know.

Jellyfish from the aquarium at the Omaha Zoo. Love that place!

My trio. I love them. They mean everything to me, yet drive me nuts at the same time! They look like cherubs here, but I remember having to get after them for running up and down the aisles of Sam's Club just a few minutes later.

I swear, it looks like we're always out and about, but this Sunday was an exception and I needed to prove it! Meaning, we were home so much we HAD to spend a day away from the house or go crazy! So we went out for breakfast, killed some time at Barnes & Noble, then drove around outside city limits.

We found a great place to go camping!

And found a great CSA farm with free range chickens and everything! Haven't signed up yet, but maybe we will.

Here's another great camping spot. We actually camped here once when Jared was a baby. It was October and we borrowed a pop up. It was fun, but Gary got so cold at night he promptly got sick. Not a fun drive back to Iowa! I did a lot of the driving that day. Poor guy! Anyway, on this day we saw a bald eagle and all the sunshine was a promise of green things and warm days ahead!

This tree is in our back yard. The kids have a fun time climbing it. I loved doing that when I was a kid!

Any time it's warm enough and we have time and not too many extra kids with us, we head to the park. This one is just about half a mile away, so it's not too far for short legs.

And it's so nice to have somewhere else for the kids to play for awhile!

Spring cleaning! Temps above freezing, snow, ice, mud, salt... My car was dirty! And as much as they say they like it, these drive-thru car washes freak my kids out!

Mmmm! Mom's granola! This was a double batch and it was gone in less than a week. The recipe is on this blog, if you do a search for "granola" it should pop up.

My sweetheart surprised me with flowers! And I was focusing so much on getting the right light and angle and everything that I didn't smile. I really am pleased with the flowers and completely love my husband, with or without flowers!

Jonathan loves his ants on a log! Celery + peanut butter + raisins = nasty! I mean, I'm glad he likes it.

After their ants-on-a-log, I made the boys "chocklick" smoothies with almond milk, frozen bananas and cocoa powder. They loved the treat and I loved that it was actually quite healthy!

Jared is really catching on to Rummikub!

This was a Sabbath afternoon outing to Pioneers Park. We walked a couple miles, then checked out the animals at the nature center.

Daddy is teaching his boys to fish! I was sitting in the sun thawing out from a long winter! We'd love to come back here and camp!

This was the sweetest thing. Josiah wanted "hewp" walking, so Jared took him by the hand. Love that relationship and when the loving, helpful, selfless side comes out.

Ok, so that was March! Along with lots of babysitting, some great weather and some reminders that Old Man Winter wasn't quite done with us yet.

And, yay! I blogged!

[pats self on back]

More later!

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