Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mom's Guest Room|Office {31 Days of Moodboards}

My mom lives in a cute little condo in Ventura. It has an attached garage, nice sized living room, dining area, kitchen, laundry, full bath, two bedrooms and two large, private patios. Mom uses the second bedroom as a place to watch movies (her only TV is in there), house guests, store photos and picture albums, and wrap presents. It's a small room with one wall taken by the sliding glass door to the patio while the opposite wall includes the door to the hall and a sliding, mirrored closet door.

Mom likes the furniture in her spare bedroom--it's a set originally bought for me! There's a small desk, night stand, tall dresser and a headboard, all in a whitewashed faux wood. I included those pieces in the moodboard above, but exchanged the twin headboard for a daybed with storage. Mom might not be able to get one of those right away, but it could be a goal to work toward.

The room already has bedding that Mom likes--it has shades of steel blue and a mauvy pink. Mom also likes lavender and asked for lots of pillows to make movie-watching comfortable. I think a collection of pretty pillows in her chosen colors would be great on the daybed! I included a collage wall to get some of the pictures of her four handsome grandsons on the wall. Other lose photos (in boxes) and photo albums could be stored in the closet, on the bookshelf, or under the bed.

I thought a light warm gray would tie in the colors well without making the small room look smaller. Simple white curtains would add softness to the big patio doors without taking away from the view or feeling too heavy. A large area rug would be a fun and colorful addition.

Here are a couple ideas I found on Pinterest for corralling the wrapping paper supplies:

This storage system or could be installed on the back of the bedroom door. No one would see it unless they shut the door while inside the bedroom--and then they'd think, wow, how clever!

I've seen several variations of this wrapping paper station using a large picture frame and some inexpensive curtain rods. I think I would use wood dowels instead, but it's the same principle. This frame is neat and tidy enough to be installed over the desk.

This last option is the easiest--just store the wrapping paper tubes in a bucket and keep it in a corner of the closet to be pulled out when the need arises.

So there you have it, Mom, some ideas for your guest room and office area. Hope some of these ideas help!

Do you have a problem area or a space that lacks vision? Contact me and I'll help you out! Moodboards are free through the month of October!

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  1. Gorgeous board! I really need to work on organizing all of our wrapping supplies!



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