Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gender-Neutral Nursery {31 Days of Moodboards}

I had so much fun putting this nursery together. Nurseries are some of my favorite spaces to design because they are so filled with hopes, dreams and promises. They are also hard-working storehouses for all the little things babies need, must function as a place to play, eat, sleep, change clothes and diapers, all while calming and stimulating a growing human. Not to mention provide Baby with a safe place to sleep and Mommy or Daddy a comfortable place to rest during feedings.

I chose more modern furniture than I usually do--gotta break out of my comfort zone sometimes! The night stand and dresser are items that can grow with the baby, as is the convertible crib. The chair and ottoman are something that can stay in a child's room after midnight feedings are over, or look sleek in the living room. It's also easily wipe-able (leather). I chose an aspen forest stencil for a focal wall, which reminds me of the black and white lines they say help baby eyes learn to focus. I chose neutral bedding from DwellStudio called "Woodland Tumble". I like the soft, earthy colors and the whimsical animal theme without getting too thematic!

I chose to pull the sagey/limey green out of the bedding for the curtains and rug, and a brighter green for the silhouette collage (etsy). There are floating shelves for favorite reads or portraits, natural toys such as stuffed animals and wooden blocks, and a cluster of terrariums as a mobile above the changing-table-dresser. It's a place where anyone, girl or boy, would love to be!

I hope you're enjoying this series! Moodboards are available up on request.

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  1. I think this mood board is my favorite! I absolutely love the green and the trees and the woodland creatures!



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