Friday, May 11, 2012

Flashback Friday: Dresser Makeover

In an effort to revive Flashback Friday at Beauty 4 Ashes, I dug up a dresser makeover I blogged about a little under a year ago. I was very, very pregnant and was working on this nursery. (BTW: if you click on that link you can see how the usurping dresser and vanity look in their current home instead of the brown walls they're pictured with below.) Hope you enjoy--whether it's your first time seeing this makeover or if you saw it way back when.

You know how you always feel prettier in a little black dress? Or pants... Or stretchy maternity pants and a tent-like top, as in my case. :) Something beautiful happens with such a striking color. 

Case in point:

Here's the before:

We got this very well-made dresser from craigslist two years ago for $20. It had a white-washed finish with dull brass knobs on the top four drawers and the same color handles on the bottom. I spent hours sanding this thing to get that wash off! I wasn't a blogger and didn't care about 'before' pictures, and I hadn't been introduced to spray paint and its amazing ability to change ugly hardware into something pretty! I used a light stain and poly'd the dresser and new wooden knobs, then moved it into my second son's room. It worked perfectly as a changing table for almost two years.

Then I met this pair...

So... the other more practical and better made dresser had to go! But not without a makeover.

Love the new black dress(er)!


  1. I do love it. I think black is always a classic and go anywhere. I love the new PAIR you found. Perfect
    ! xo Diana

  2. Those new dressers are absolutely gorgeous! The black is a great timeless piece though :)

  3. Love it now! Black always gives a sense of luxury into a room! Excellent choice!

  4. Another beautiful project.

    Happy Mother's Day!

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