Sunday, May 27, 2012

Barns of Benton County: Aqua Doors

This week's barn isn't particularly old or weathered or in a picturesque setting or anything that typically catches my eye. But all of the outbuildings on this property have aqua colored doors!

This building is the shape of a grain bin and has the widely spaced slats on one side, but the other side looks like barn siding. I like the narrow window near the top and the aqua trim!

The barn looks like it needs a new roof. Even the aqua doors are in disrepair. I'm sure maintaining outbuildings is a constant job as the weather is extremely abusive. High winds, 90-degree summers, -10 below in the winter, hail, ice storms, humidity...

Here you can see the old barn and a newer machine shed--again with aqua doors and trim. If you notice the little utility shed to the left of the barn, it has aqua trim as well. Do you think there is an aqua door on the other side? 

If I remember correctly, the farmhouse on this property is white with a gray roof. Narry an aqua door to be seen! Nor trim. I wonder why the owner chose the aqua doors and trim for the outbuildings? Can you venture a guess?


  1. LOL-Do you suppose it was paint on sale? I DO love the color though and how unexpected to see it on a barn. Maybe the person longs for the ocean and beach at heart- Happy Sundy to you , sweet girl- xo Diana

  2. Ellie, do you think maybe, the color on the barn doors might have been the 'farmers' favorite color??

  3. Well I'll go with the first two guesses ahead of me ...and add, MY FAVORITE COLOR IS Ooops! Paint...and it's always on sale.

    $5 bucks at Lowes baby and Momma's getting a new painted barn door!

    I love it.
    Benton County-- is that Arkansas? My inlaws lived in Arkansas for years and are both Buried in Searcy County.
    New to you blog, and am visiting for the first time I believe... I think I clicked on over from...Friday Pizza, Monday Soup...
    nice to meet you!


  4. I love these pictures! I actually was wondering if I could purchase a copy of them, or have your permission to make a copy of them??!! They have your blogspot info on the bottom, and I would love to purchase/or gain permission to remove that and make some copies to blow up and frame in my house. THANKS!!! I hope to hear from you soon!

  5. Hi Loren, it's fine with me if you use the pictures. Glad you like them!



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