Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fixin' Up the Garden

I've been way too busy sorting boxes in the basement and planning a triple birthday party to spend much time in the garden. (I'll post party pics after I get them from my friends with cameras!)

We have lots of volunteer vegetation  in our garden this year. Some of it we actually want! My job today was taking the unwanted--weeds--out of a couple raised beds. 

Half an hour of pulling weeds...

I uncovered some garlic growing in this raised bed, as well as broccoli from last year and some lettuce (it's hiding!). 

There it is! My 5-year-old and I picked a bunch of lettuce to eat for lunch. Yum!

This is last year's broccoli gone to seed. I would normally pull it out, but my husband tells me his bees really like broccoli flowers.

Our onions have lost of broken-off tops due to a couple of little boys around here who like snacking on them.

Raised bed #2 looked messier to start with, but most of it is weeds. 

Not too impressive, but at least we have somewhere to plant new things! 

I also found some spinach (above) and more lettuce (below).

There are more raised beds and hours worth of work left to get our garden looking nice again, but it feels good to have chipped away at some of the mess! 

Here's something else I found growing voluntarily: 

Cilantro! I also found parsley, but didn't get a picture.

Our garden is home to a huge patch of strawberries! I'm super excited to see these growing and can't wait until they turn red!

What's in your garden this year? Do you put off weeding until your garden is a mess sometimes? Want to come help me? 


  1. You have volunteer cilantro? Awesome! I would love to, but it bolts so fast I never get around to using it. And jealous of the strawberry patch too. We have to baby the plants around here, so it's not worth the effort for me. We're very Darwin oriented in our garden - only the strongest survive!

  2. That is a lot of work! It looks good.

  3. I love the concept of volunteer vegetation. I wish we had more of it. The only thing that bothers to come back is the kale(which I love,) and mint which we have to keep on otherwise it would just take over. Looks like you already have a wonderful garden. Can't wait to see what you do with your harvest.

  4. Hello, Ellie. You did a great job. Looks so nice. I have been planting, but only flowers.


  5. Looking good! I really want to plant a garden, but we've got so much else going on at the house I dont know if it'll happen :\



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