Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DIY Hand Scrub ~ Mother's Day Gift Idea

Before I got married, quit teaching, moved to Iowa and started having babies, I thought I lived on a budget. 

I didn't.

I relied a little too heavily on retail therapy at times and sadly brought some credit card debt into our marriage. I wish I hadn't, but I did. 

One of my favorite splurges was a trip to a certain overpriced store full of lotions, soaps and scrubs. Oh, how I miss it!

Now I make my own hand and foot scrub. It's super-easy!

It takes just three ingredients. Oil, salt (sugar works too!) and essential oil. Here's how: 


That's it! Now add it to a cute jar, tie a piece of raffia or a ribbon around the top and you have a great little gift for your mom! Or yourself.

I keep a small jar by my kitchen sink. It works great to get funky odors off my fingers when I'm cooking (like garlic or onion), and it helps restore my hands after I work in the garden. My hands are very clean and moisturized and smell great too! 

Try it!


  1. Great idea. I am so hard on my hands-I will try this out! Thanks- xo Diana

  2. This I have ro try. Think it will work as a scrub for the body too.


  3. I love how you say you use to think you lived on a budget...I'm so with you! Before kids, budgeting for me was going out for dinner once a weekend instead of twice.
    I love your scrub idea - I was also once addicted to the yummy deliciousness of said $$$ bath/body store...I'd probably have heart palpitations if I spent $8 on a bottle of body wash now!



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