Friday, July 29, 2011

Wingbacks at the Table

I hate to admit it,
but sometimes I'm influenced by blogs, pretty magazines and yes, pinterest. 
One of the latest trends I've seen is using wingback chairs at the dining table.

Here's some eye-candy illustrating said trend:

Delicious, right?!
Well, I just bought some wingbacks second-hand. Hence the mauve.
(The story and inspiration pictures are in this post.)

So I pulled one of my new chairs up to the kitchen table today.

Not a bad look! But I felt like a 4-year-old!

Seriously, what's the deal? 
How do these fancy people with wingbacks at the table actually eat when the table goes up to their armpits? Is it just me? Do I not realize how short I am? Are there special Wingback Chairs: Dining Room Edition?

For now, my wingbacks are going back to my living room.
For us short people.

I couldn't resist! This little guy is 2 months old. I adore each scrumptious little roll.


  1. Cute pic of your little man! I dont think I could eat at my wingback chairs either :)

  2. Oh, your baby is so adorable!!! Looks like the chair would be comfy at the table, but I can see how you'd be sitting way too low. I wonder if they do get special chairs? Such interesting things to think about...

    I'm pretty much addicted to Pinterest. LOVE.

  3. WHAT A CUTIE!!! I have parson's chairs at the head and foot of our dining table...they have casters on them which made them a bit higher.

  4. I love the look, maybe if you redo them you can add some more cush, or like the previous poster put some casters on. That would help with moving them in and out, too, since you'd have to move them to sit with the sides of the chair in the way. That baby pic is just precious! Thanks for sharing.

  5. He is the cutest thing! I love the wingbacks!

  6. As I was reading I was having the "Hmm" idea about using our beloved wingbacks at the table, and had the same fear about them being too short. The ones in your inspiration pics have very tall legs, compared to what yours and mine have. Must be dining wingbacks or something... Shoot. I was so looking forward to a new life for ours, and a new look for the dining room!



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