Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Storm

Summer around here means heat, humidity and frequent storms. 

This front rolled by this morning.
See that tiny barn on the left? 
Those are our closest neighbors, just under half a mile to our west.

If there wasn't the threat of tornadoes or damaging winds like this storm just over two weeks ago, I might find these storms more enjoyable.
(There's crazy amounts of damage from that storm--seriously, go check it out!)

Pretty dark, eh?
This is the view northwest and the corner of our property.
That's a lilac bush to the left (that didn't bloom this year!!!) and hybrid willows along the property line in the back. The tree? I think it's a black locust.

Here's the view to the west. Love that old shade tree!
Our garden is that weedy mess in the foreground and more willows along the gray horizon.

This is westish, south some. Technical! 
What? You noticed the grid on all the pictures? Oh dear. 
Ok, fine, I'll admit, I took these pictures through the windows. 
I have three kids, man! And a storm was coming! We were not all going outside!

Oh, look, north again! There's the barn that looks cool and serves no other purpose.
That white pole is the clothesline that I never use. 
I'd like to.
Again with the 3 kids excuse.
You try carrying a heavy basket of wet laundry and a 2-month-old!
But we're talking about the scary gray clouds! Yes, aren't they?!

Nice layering of grays! Can't you just hear the thunder?
To see another storm post from last summer, go here. I may have gotten outside for those pictures. Go me! (I only had 2 kids then...)
Oh, wait, I just read through that post and it says my husband took the pictures. 
Sigh. Yeah, they don't let me out much. 

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