Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An Eggcellent Little Trick

It wouldn't surprise me
if I were the last person on earth to know this little trick!

We were able to get our grubby little mitts on some farm-fresh eggs from chickens who fill up on creepy-crawlies and whatever else they can find in the grass around their property.

Here's the little tid-bit my husband showed me. 
Next time you need to peel a hard-boiled egg, crack it up like usual.

But then instead of picking at it with your fingers, 
grab a spoon and slide it between the shell and the egg.

You'll be able to peel off bigger, smoother sections of the shell. 
And faster too!

Bigger... smoother... faster... Isn't that the American way?

Be sure to rinse your big-smooth-fast egg under cool water to make sure no tiny pieces of shell remain. Then enjoy those farm fresh eggs!

I'm making egg salad sandwiches.

Yes, Mom, you read that right.


  1. I guess I am the last person on earth to know that.

  2. I sure didn't know it. Does it work even when the egg wants to stick to the shell? Or does that not happen with good, fresh eggs?

  3. My mom always said that the ones that are really hard to peel are the fresher ones. Egg salad sandwiches? What's next deviled eggs? Potato salad?



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