Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flowers at Prairie Meadow

This is not our house!

It's a chicken house turned shed. But it's kinda cute, isn't it?

The above is the second picture I took of the shed. The first one looked like this:

Ha! My camera lens fogged up due to the humidity. Gotta love summer in the midwest! 

[Sidenote: When I was moving to Las Vegas everyone warned me about how hot it was there. They invariably followed it up by saying, "But it's a dry heat." Every. Single. Time. It does make a big difference, though. I'd rather be in 100 degrees dry heat than 80 with humidity. Maybe not 110 or 115 like a regular Vegas summer day. My garden would have a hard time growing. Cuz it's a dry heat.]

Day lillies

This park is actually our backyard. The house has yet to be landscaped (long story), but the yard is lovely.

Lavender (of some sort)

Last summer we planted flowers for my husband's bees.

Cat mint


Bee balm. I think. Don't quote me. :)

Yes, that plant is trying desperately to hide one of the access covers to our septic system. Some day, my friends, this area will be half hidden by a new front porch, wood chips, decorative grasses, flowers and herbs. 

Some day.

This is one of three rose bushes--it's a start!


  1. Such beautiful flowers! It's crazy sticky humid here, too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. beautiful. But I dont think thats lavender.



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