Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Days {Insta-Friday}

Dude. Where did this week go? We've been super busy, but I'm not sure what we got accomplished! Ever have weeks like that? I do know I eliminated the final stack of boxes from our move! I'm super excited about that. Now I just need to have a yard sale and get all the extra junk out of the basement. Ah....

Sidetracked! This is supposed to be about what made it to Instagram this week. Let me tell you, when life is normal, Instagram is forgotten around here. I guess that's a good thing, right?

These roses were so vivid and smelled so delicious!

Yeah, X 3 around here! It's a good thing too, because in the last two weeks there have been two "learning opportunities" for our older two. It takes patience and creativity and discipline to be a parent, lemme tell ya. In addition to that, we decided to switch the boys' living quarters around, so this chalkboard is now in Jonathan's room. I'll take pictures and post about it next week.

This was part of Jonathan's learning opportunity. We were including him in our landscaping efforts because, well, that's how we roll as a family and because he had UNdone some landscaping elsewhere. Now I think he appreciates more how hard people work to make their yards look nice.

This was another part of the learning experience. Apologizing. In person. And a peace offering. No cookies could be eaten by little boys before they made the cookies, delivered them and apologized. Sweet littles won't be undoing anymore landscaping efforts.

This guy. He's growing up too fast! Mimics his big brothers in everything and is absolutely out-of-control cute!!! I love being his mommy!

Jared spends an hour of quiet time on my bed because he doesn't have to sleep and Josiah does and that just doesn't add up in a shared bedroom. I let the older boys play quietly. This magnetic set is one of Jared's favorite quiet time toys.

We've spent a lot of time at the pool this week. How is it that a 45-minute class can take up the whole day? Jared is intimidated by the amount of people and the newness of the experience, so he has yet to willingly get in the pool. There are 3-4 lifeguards to 8 or so kids and they're really good about making sure he's included yet not forced to do things. I don't let him sit with me but I don't make him participate either. Every day he makes a little progress. I remember being stubborn and upset at things like that. I hated getting my picture taken because, well, because I hated it. I just did. I got over it, and I think Jared will be in the pool with the kids and lifeguards by the end of class next week.

Funny kid--he loves free time after the lesson! The lifeguards and kids are spread out and he's in shallower water and he's having so much fun!

Jonathan is doing a great job learning how to swim! I'm so glad we've been able to do this this year. It's the first time it's all worked out, what with Josiah and moving and all. He loves it!!!

Uh-oh, how'd he get in there?! Josiah wants to take lessons so badly! He sits by Jared on the edge and kicks and splashes. They let him play around in the pool during free time.

 These little guys... This play equipment has one of those buckets that fills up with water and dumps it out every minute or two. They yell and scream ... and go back for more. Love them!

Well, my goal for tomorrow is to get out my camera and take pictures of all the stuff I got done this week. Two more areas of my house exhibit my OCD, while my bedroom is empty of all packing boxes! I switched one boy into a different room, which led to art being hung in different places and while the drill was out, I finally got my collage wall up in the stairwell. Oh, and I organized the upstairs half-bath! Aaaand, I made a permanent place for my sewing machine and supplies as this house isn't big enough for Grandma's sewing table to be set up properly.

100 bonus points if you're still reading! Have a great weekend!

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