Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mohican State Park

 A few weeks ago, our family took a little trip out to Mohican State Park here in Ohio. 

 We started the adventure by our two oldest asking to climb this fire tower. Jonathan made it to the top; Jared was content to go about 2/3 of the way--and we were nervous the whole time as the stairs and handrails are completely open!

 Josiah and I stayed firmly on the ground.

 After being at the highest point in the park, we drove down down down to the river in the valley.

 This covered bridge had to be explored. And photographed.

 The men stopped to watch a fisher.

 Jared, age 4.

 Of course there was time for throwing rocks into the river. And eating them, it appears.

 Jonathan spotted a shell while he was gathering more rocks.

 Jonathan, age 6.

 Josiah loves to swing! I've never had a 2-year-old who does so well on a regular swing!

 I just love this (slightly dirty) face!!!

 Jared has really grown lately. His legs are getting so long and slim.

 Jonathan taught himself to swing. He's always resisted my attempts to help him learn, but on this day he was showing off how high he could go all by himself. 

 Ohio is hillier and woodsier than I thought it would be. It's beautiful! (Spell-checker didn't complain about either of those words, so they must be real. Lisa?)

 After awhile we walked back across the bridge and Jonathan spotted a trail. 
"Can we see where this goes?"
The sign said it was a mile to a waterfall. Why not?

 The boys ran ahead. 

 In typical boy-fashion, they had to climb this rock. They posed themselves, I kid you not!

 I love them and their goofy faces so much! 

 These guys. Discussing something super-important while they wait for the slow-pokes to catch up.

 More climbing. More posing. 

 And finally, the waterfall!

 At the time, I was annoyed at this lady who just would not move out of my picture. Now I thank her for adding perspective to the size of the waterfall. 

 No, this picture didn't get loaded wrong! We're behind the waterfall looking up at it! Fun!

 Look! Proof I went!


Josiah walked most of the way there by himself but was happy to ride on Daddy's shoulders on the way back. All of the boys did a great job keeping up, not complaining or whining. It was a 2-mile hike round trip. We enjoyed our time at Mohican State Park and will definitely pack a lunch so we can enjoy it longer next time. Warning: If you visit us in Ohio we'll probably take you here!

Thanks for sharing our family outing with us!


  1. What great pics of beautiful scenery. Cute boy shots, too! A magnificent waterfall.. Definitely looks like it's worth a 2-mile trek!

    1. Thanks so much! It was really fun. Glad you stopped by!



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