Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hannah's Nursery

This little beauty is Hannah, my husband's cousin's baby. Gary's first cousin once removed. My mother-in-law's grand-niece. My sons' second cousin. She lives in Washington with her Mommy and Daddy, otherwise known as Kristen and Andy. I've never gotten to hold baby Hannah or even meet Kristen and Andy, but Kristen and I are Facebook friends and follow each other on Pinterest. 

I knew from following Kristen on Pinterest that baby Hannah's nursery would be a special place. Kristen loves shabby chic, frills, lace and pink. I think if I had a girl, her nursery would look a lot like this one! Kristen and Andy spent a lot of time making this room perfect while they waited for Hannah. Isn't it just delicious?

After deciding on the perfect shade of pink for the nursery, Kristen's aunt helped her pick out crib bedding and the glider. They purchased extra fabric to make the curtains. A friend made the tissue paper pom-poms for Kristen's baby shower.

Hannah's name hangs over her crib. Andy found them at Joann's and painted them white, then he and Kristen hung them with ribbon from the wall.

Isn't this just the sweetest picture? Sigh...

The pink-and-white pin-striped crib bedding is from The glider is also pink-and-white pin-striped. Behind Kristen you can barely see a sweater and booties made by a family friend. They hang on cloud-shaped hooks that Kristen bought from an Etsy store called "Littles".

Not pictured is an attached bathroom with the changing table. Isn't that a perfect place for it?

Kristen enjoys rocking Hannah in the glider and says the room is very peaceful. They look forward to using the room more once Hannah starts sleeping in her crib. 

Thank you, Kristen, for sharing Hannah's nursery with us! You and Andy did a great job--with the pretty nursery and the beautiful baby girl!

*All photos in this post were taken by Shelley Mitz. You can visit her at*

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