Thursday, June 6, 2013

Random Bits of Life

Sometimes you have these great and lofty ideas about what you want to get done around the house, then imagine you can style-photograph-edit-blog about it in as much time as it took me to write those few words. 


This is happening. Slowly. My sheers were high-waters so I'm adding a ruffle. I have two of the four finished!

But for now, since I have lots of cell phone pictures downloaded and since I am not one of those fancy I-get-paid-to-do-this bloggers and I can blog about whatever whenever, I have chosen to subject you, my very cool followers and friends, to random bits of life, moments I've caught with my cell phone but not with my nice camera, things that aren't finished, aren't important in and of themselves, and that might not otherwise make it on the blog. But it's our life right now and I want to include these events and moments, so that makes them important, right?

Enough babble, time for pictures! (I'm sparing you the ones that got posted on Instagram--they have their own post on Fridays. Bet you can hardly wait!)

I love this series of pictures because it's so real. This is what our three boys do. This is what you can see any given moment when you look outside. 

But the story is about Jonathan, the oldest. He's always been the cautious one. Late walker, never climbed, hated the swing at the park... Until recently he didn't have a good place to ride a bike. We lived on a gravel road in Iowa and there were lots of scary hills at Weimar. Here there is a huge parking lot, not to mention our driveway and some of the school property where he can ride. Still, he was using training wheels. I expected him to want them off sooner or later, but it was much sooner than later. I also expected the I-need-help phase to last a couple weeks. Nope. 10 minutes with his Daddy is all it took! He was so ready and he does such a great job! You'd never know that two months ago he still had training wheels. Proud of my J!

 Josiah is a ham. He's funny and adorable and I could just squeeze him!!! Ok, so I do squeeze him. Constantly. I've never had a two-year-old without also having a newborn to take care of and birth to recover from, and I'm telling you, I love 2! 

Anyway, these jammies are from my mom. They're Harley Davidson jammies, and the particular store they're from happens to have the same name as my maiden name. All three boys have worn these and it's fun to have picture record of that fact. Besides, he's a cutie!

Spring is beautiful and I love it!

 Before school was out for the summer, Gary was on duty on Sundays. This Sunday I took the boys to Starbucks. The only one we have here is inside a grocery store, but it worked!

 Grandma from California sent a package! You can see this was awhile ago because there are stacks of boxes in the background! Anyway, these are pictures I sent to her while we opened the box and examined the contents. Fun times!

 Have you seen those recipes for banana no-guilt ice cream on Pinterest? We did it and it's pretty good. It's a tasty banana treat that has a similar consistency to ice cream, but don't try to fool anyone that it's real. You know? You freeze chunks of ripe banana, whiz them in the blender or food processor (worked better for me) with just a touch of milk, then either serve it soft right away or freeze it for harder "ice cream". It's pretty good and the boys had fun helping.

We painted frames for the grandmas for Mother's Day. Then we glued on star buttons because that's what the boys picked. Josiah got to paint star cut-outs which we also glued to the frames. Simple and fun!

Well, thanks for enduring that with me! Guess what? There's more!

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