Thursday, September 20, 2012

Zoo Dump

The Santa Barbara Zoo is not a dump. It's small and cute and the perfect size for a couple of small children and an afternoon. The dump reference is that I'm just going to dump my photos here--no editing, no narrating--except for the gorilla part. It's been a long day, I'm exhausted and my patience and creativity are both dried up. I'm hoping for some rejuvenating family time this weekend.

For now, let's enjoy these pictures of our fun trip to the zoo with Grandma a few weeks ago!

So this gorilla was sitting there eating his watermelon or whatever, completely ignoring the people watching him.

Then he stands, turns and looks at us, very intensely. And then he hurls that hard chunk of whatever that's in his hand, and it smacks into the plexiglass partition really hard!!! Mr. Gorilla runs off like he's mad at the world and all the moms comfort their crying children, thankful that the plexiglass held! True story!

And this is where my dollar store batteries ran out so I had to put the camera away. We also had a great time riding the little train!

The end.

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