Friday, September 28, 2012


Coming in October...

Many bloggers pick a topic and do a whole series every day for the whole month of October. I'm jumping on the trend this year again and aim to post a new moodboard every day! I've had lots of fun putting a few together already.

I'll take reader suggestions and you can submit "before" pictures or pictures of your current space. I'll put something together using your descriptive words--like blue living room, using existing couch, new rug and lamps, kid friendly, traditional...

At the end of the month I plan to offer design boards for a small fee, but during the month of October they'll be free for readers. Do you have a design dilemma? Are you looking for inspiration on how to make your builder-basic kitchen to something beautiful and unique without breaking the bank?

You can send me your questions via email ( or in the comment section. Hope to hear from you soon!


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