Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning - The Kitchen

I'm not a huge one for Spring Cleaning. I like to think that my house is more-or-less clean all the time. But sometimes, you've just got to go through stuff and I've been doing my fair share of that lately. And it's Spring, so I guess I've been Spring Cleaning!

The first area I tackled was my kitchen. You know how it goes. You get a couple new appliances and suddenly NOTHING FITS! I also got some new spice tins at IKEA during my recent trip

I started by taking everything out. Which attracted my helpers--see the little hand and the bike?

So many gizmos and gadgets!

Plastic produce bins? Time to go!

I sorted and purged and ended up with a couple more things in storage and a box of things to donate. Someone snatched them up from craigslist the next day!

I went through all my canned goods too. 

And organized my dry goods. I already had the containers but put more of them in the same place instead of several places around the kitchen.

Finally, things are starting to look better!

It's not like some of those amazing pantry makeovers we've been seeing in blogland, but it works so much better for me!

Here is where I keep some of my spices.

The rest were kept on the counter in one of these:

I purchased 12 spice tins at IKEA and transferred my favorite spices into them. I wanted fewer things on my counter, containers I could scoop measurements from, and something easy to refill (I buy spices in bulk). I didn't want to spend $9 each for the handy hanging magnetic strip that IKEA sells to go with the spice tins though.

Here's what I came up with:

Canning lids! I used my husband's staple gun to attach the lids to the back of the cabinet door. (You're ignoring that it's not painted and is rather gross, right?! Cuz there's a kitchen reno in my future and I was in a hurry to get the kitchen livable when we moved in. No judging!)

I labeled the lids so we'd know where to put each spice away and hung them up! I had to keep a little space open between the top two rows so the door would shut. The tins haven't fallen down at all in the two weeks they've been up, but they might if you slammed the door hard enough!

I'm enjoying my clean kitchen where everything fits and I love my new spice tins! I think I'll get more in the future!


  1. Good for you for getting so much done! I love how you organized your spices...I really need to get going!

  2. Looking good! ANd what a clever idea for your spices. A new system for mine is on my list...But it's a long list.

  3. Great job on organizing. I wish I could catch up on my organizing and spring cleaning. Thank you for following my blog!

  4. You are a genius! I have similar spice tins that I wanted to put inside my cabinet like you did but I was too cheap to buy any metal stripping or anything to attach them to. I resorted to putting them on the side of the fridge. It works, but you came up with a great solution! Thanks for stopping by! : )



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