Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jean Quilts

You might have noticed in Part 2 of the bunkbed posts that the boys have new quilts on their beds.

They're made from old jeans!

Even more special, they're made with love by the boys' Grandma!

My in-laws do a lot of work with the Service Center at their church. (You might remember the Thanksgiving Dinner they hosted for people in need.)

After searching Ebay and hoping Target would bring back the Tiddliwinks Transportation bedding I had ONE set of (you can see pillows from that bedding in the above picture), I looked online for jean duvet covers, thinking they'd be easy to wash, would grow with the boys and match the Tiddliwinks bedding well enough.

I couldn't find anything I really liked, though, so I asked the boys' Grandma to make them quilts out of old jeans from their Service Center. 

For the back of the quilts, I bought two twin-size fuzzy blankets for $12 each at Target.

My MIL used the edge of the blanket to finish the edge of the quilt too! One is red...

... one is blue. And they're so soft and cozy!

My amazing seamstress was able to get all of the jeans she needed for free! She said it was good to clean out the inventory of tapered jeans because no one wants them anyway! 

I am absolutely thrilled with how the quilts turned out! I love the colors, all the shades of jean material, the small and large squares, the pockets!!!

And I can still use the Tiddliwinks pillows and colors in the rest of the room. Oooh! You can I"ve been painting their room! I'm finishing up today, then I'll show you the new look. Then their room will be done! For now. You know how it is.  


  1. LOVE them! Adam's chair is covered in denim, and since I'm going to do Isaac's room in blue, I think I'll use a lot of denim in there, too. I recovered the chair with an old denim shower curtain!

  2. Beautiful quilt!! I've been saving jeans for awhile in the hopes of making one for my little boy - denim just screams (indestructable!) and boy to me! Thanks for sharing :)



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