Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our Adventure: Idaho to Utah

Our drive today wasn't very long and certainly wasn't as spectacular as the things we've seen the last three or four days! But what did we expect?

We slept in, enjoyed the hotel breakfast (lots of variety for once!), let the kiddos be a little crazy, and loaded up our gear. Again.

There was jumping and crashing on the bed, rides on the dolly, and some spying out our third floor window.

We headed south toward Salt Lake City where we planned to get some work done on our car and enjoy an afternoon off.

We passed more potato, hay and wheat fields on our way. Kinda reminded me of Iowa, only with different crops. Ok, it's a lot drier too.

Does anyone know what this structure is? We saw several of them in our drive across a corner of Idaho. Our best guess is that it's used for potato storage, much like grain bins are used to store soy or corn until the farmer ships it or sells it. Are we right?

The country got drier as we headed south. 

Yay, Utah!

Gotta get my barns!

We caught a few glimpses of Salt Lake as we neared our destination.

We got another hotel room, our seventh, and put the boys down for a much-needed nap. My husband unhitched the trailer and took the car in for a new set of tires. He has an appointment to replace the exhaust manifold in the morning and also plans to get the oil changed. We've put a few miles on our car since we left Iowa!

Speaking of which, here's an updated map of our trip!

We took the boys swimming and they each got to spend some quality time with Turtle the Floatie.

We thought about going to The Old Spaghetti Factory, a family tradition, but it was 20 minutes away, the boys were tired and it was late. We opted for this instead:

Seriously. Fresh made fries, grilled cheese with grilled onions (no meat!) and a chocolate shake. Yum!

And that's when I stayed up too late trying to catch up on blogging! We might make it to our final destination tomorrow, then I'll have to catch up on laundry and unpacking for our 4-month stay in California! Our trip has been a chance in a lifetime, but we're road-weary and anxious to have a place to call home. With the car needing work in the morning, we might not make it the rest of the way (over 9 hours), but we'll try!

So. Tomorrow: Utah, Nevada and maybe ... California!


  1. I have gone back over your posts you have some beautiful pictures for sure.
    did I miss why you are doing this? The kids look happy and are enjoying the trip.

  2. Looks like you are turning into true travelers. I think those buildings are state building/maybe county buildings. They use them to store road equipment/salt/sand in for the roads in winter...if they are the same as the ones here- Ours are rounded rather than V-roofs. Blessings- safe travels- xo Diana

  3. It`s so great to read and look at the photos from your trip. The kids seems to love the beds in the hotelrooms. (smile). They are so sweet and looks very happy.

    Drive safe

    Hugs Bente

  4. Beautiful sights and views across our great land! It looks like the boys are holding up really well. In no time, you'll be saying "Remember when we saw..." and realize it was 10 yrs ago and the kid you're asking was 2 at the time. That's what's happened to us regarding a trip we took to Montana. Seems like yesterday to me, and they don't remember. :)



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