Thursday, July 29, 2010

Farm Glass Tablescape

I love beach glass. I think the colors are so pretty and I love that the sharp edges have been worn smooth by the waves and sand. Living in the midwest, we're a LONG way from the beach. 

But in the spirit of using what you have, there's farm glass! Never heard of it? Me neither. 

However, our garden is full of it. Come to find out, there used to be a building in that spot and apparently that's where they threw broken glass. I don't get it, but I grew up in the land of curbside garbage day, not homesteading in the midwest... There's lots I don't get!

I thought it would be fun to do a simple tablescape using my collected bits of farm glass. I've been picking up the pretty pieces (three or four shades of blue, yellow, green, some white and even pink!) a few at a time. Here they are!

This is our centerpiece today.

It's a very simple arrangement so you just have to stare at that farm glass!

Don't you love all the colors? I would love to know what they are from! I know most are those pretty blue jars that have been spotted all over blogland. 

I found some of the little jars out in the garden too!

If only glass could talk!

Today we're using my favorite dishes, Corelle! I love that they don't chip or break easily--I have my 3-year-old set and clear the table, so it's nice to not worry about the plates! (Not to mention that in the 2 years we had a different set I broke many, errr, several, um one or two.

I know this isn't a fancy, beautiful tablescape, but it's very true to my family's week-night suppers. Notice the booster seat and the highchair? It's all family-friendly around here, folks! Even the farm glass isn't very sharp because of its years in the dirt! After the shed with the glass was torn down, the land it was on (that is now our garden) was crop land that was tilled, planted and harvested year after year. Seriously, that glass has stories to tell!



  1. From your beautiful Desert Rose table to Classic and Interesting (Isn't "found" glass fun and interesting?) Love the colors - and the jute interwoven. And, I love most of all that you let your little one clear the table!! Very dear! Yes, if walls could talk and farm glass too. I wonder what they'd tell us?

  2. i love that you are already teaching your child the joy of setting a nice table for family and friends. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  3. Hi Ellie! I'm your newest follower! I love your table, and the glass is wonderful. What a wonderful idea to save it and put it to a use so creative!! Like your blog!
    Blessings, Doni

  4. What a great idea. I like that you can find glass in your own back yard (even though it's not from a beach). Smart thinking!

  5. i enjoyed the simplicity and practicality of your table. We live in an old house in a downtown area, but we find broken glass and china, too--unfortunately, my son is a wanna be hobbit and never wears shoes! I've gathered a huge jar full of glass and just use it to catch light in the window.
    thanks for sharing.

  6. That glass is so pretty! The colors are beautiful and I am sure you are right that a lot of it is from those pretty old jars. I when the light shines through it, it is almost glowing. I like the way you elevated it on the cutting board. I always love a simple table like this.

  7. Your farm glass is as pretty as any beach glass, I have adds just the right touch of color to your table. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Ellie,
    I hadn't heard of farm glass...but it does make sense now that I think about it. {When I first saw your picture, I was thinking sea glass, isn't it funny they look alike?} I think it's neat you're finding things like this, and yes, I'd love to know the story behind it all, especially why it's in the soil! Great table, looks so friendly, perfect for a family with little ones! Thanks for sharing and dropping by to visit!

  9. I've never heard of farm glass, but it certainly looks nice! The colors are just like beach glass. This is kind of like when we eastern folk decorate with desert style!

  10. I does look like beach glass. Love the pretty colors. And you're so smart to have dishes that are appropriate for your children.

  11. Love the beach glass.

    - The Tablescaper



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