Monday, July 19, 2010

File Box Makeover

I've had this little file box for at least 3 years now. It came from Target and was full of cards for every occasion. The box was so cute that I started using it for more than cards. 

The bright red top was fading to pink and just didn't go with my house very well. The files also needed a major overhaul, so I pulled out my favorite pack of scrapbook paper and went to town.

I recovered all of the outside surfaces in coordinating colors.

Then I took these dividers and used them as a template to make new ones. The scrapbook paper is really thick, so I just threw out the old ones.

I added labels by cutting down blank white packaging labels.

It didn't take long to file my pile 'o junk. Now I know where everything is! And it matches

However... If I was to do it again, I wouldn't use heavy-duty scrapbook paper. It's pretty and will be durable, but it didn't cover the corners like I hoped it would. I think I'd try wrapping paper or even a pretty contact paper. Or spraypaint. Or just buy a new one! Oh well, it was fun and it works and it was free. And it matches!

I added a sweet bow to keep little hands out! The original box has a magnetic closure, but it doesn't work with the added layers of paper. And now you know the REST of the story!

~ Ellie

I'm partying today! 


  1. Thank you for spugnotopping by! I think I need one of your cool files to organize all of my stuff! Monica

  2. I just love that feeling of getting something done that has been bothering me. Good job! Your gardens are gorgeous and you have so many great ideas. I'll be back. Lisa~

  3. Adorable! And you did a great job of organizing, too. Come do mine next?



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