Friday, July 30, 2010

The Kitchen Sink, Everything but...

So here's a question to all of you inspirational bloggers.

Would you use this as your kitchen sink?

  This old utility sink is in the laundry area in my basement. It's 56 inches long.

The actual sink hole is 26 inches, I believe, which is pretty small for a sink. It's also only 5 1/2 inches deep. I wiped it down today and there are some rust stains left. Would they come out?

 It's 25 inches from front to back, including the backsplash area, so it would line up with the counter. It's white porcelain, I believe. 

Here are some of my inspiration pictures.

Image from Sunset Magazine

Image from

Image from Southern Living

What do you think? I'd love to know!

White House, Black Shutters



  1. I think it's so cool! I would just worry about functionality... Maybe I am too much of a chicken but it would be awesome (in someone else's house)!

  2. I would definitely give it a try! What have you got to loose? If it works for you it will be beautiful and if it doesn't work? It's free right? You might try a pumice stone to clean the porcelin up and make it shine. It might also take care of the rust. Defintely use gloves! Can be found at local hardware stores. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for becoming a new follower! You've got a great blog here :)

  3. I would use it for sure! I would use a small dish pan when I needed to be able to run the water and wash at the same time. I use mr clean eraser on mine. I think you could google how to clean that rust stain. and did you know that you could have it reglazed for not much if you wanted.
    I am off to put Sinatra on Christmas or not.

  4. I like it - if you think the size would be right for you, I'd try to use it. (And goodness, girl, you sure picked a big photo for my giveaway!) This lady's blog has a lot of cleaning tips Good luck :).

  5. It is darling, but I wouldn't use it for my kitchen sink unless I had room for a second, larger sink in the room. Someone offered me a similar sink when I was remodeling my kitchen, but I didn't take it. I knew that it would frustrate me to have such a small sink. Could you possibly use it in a spot for just washing vegetables, etc? Then have another, larger, deeper sink also? Lisa~

  6. Love the look and I can definately see where you're trying to go with your inspiration photos. I would worry about the probably wouldn't work for my family, however, if this doesn't concern you, then I would go for it!

  7. Hi, Thanks for stopping at Kensington Cottage! I'm following you back. I love the sink, I would use the sink. First, NEVER use a pumice stone on porceline anything!!!!! It will scratch the finish right off. My hubby is a plumber, he has had to replace many a sink and toilet because of this. He recommends Bar Keepers Friend, it can be found at Walmart, and most grocery stores. It will not scratch the finish, and it will remove the rust with a bit of elbow grease.

  8. I think I would! I love it!

    I bet you could get the rust stains out eventually - try some wink. Or toilet bowl cleaner (that's how I clean my white sink.)

  9. My grandmother had a sink like that as her kitchen sink except it was stainless and I always LOVED it. I like the white even more!

  10. A new faucet will make ALL the difference in the world!

    I got mine at About 60 bucks cheaper and much bigger than anything at HD or Lowes.

  11. I'd use it in a heartbeat!!!


  12. I would TOTALLY steal that out of your basement if I had a key (I don't do the whole breaking and entering gig) he he he.....GO FOR IT!! :-)

  13. Heck a flat second. Those vintage sinks are amazing. As to the rust, you should be able to get that out. I'm not sure what you'd use, but go to a hardware store and ask away and I'm sure you'll be pointed in the right direction. If it's porcelain, could you use touch up paint, like what they sell for appliances?

    As for the shallowness of the sink, get a gooseneck faucet. It'll make a HUGE difference. We have an older sink as well, and while not quite as shallow it's pretty shallow. We got a new gooseneck faucet and it's awesome! It allows so much more clearance underneath, you'll not have issues with rinsing large pots, etc. Just make sure you get one with the right mounting (most are one or three hole mount). We bought our faucet at Home Depot, $100.

  14. Thanks so much for linking up to Help Me Wednesday! I enjoyed reading your post.

    I just saw a sink like that recently, maybe this August's BHG? I would keep it, get a larger faucet, live with it and see how you like it. If it doesn't work, update it, but if not, you my dear are very lucky to have such an amazing gem of a sink!

    As for the rust, the rust from our well is AWFUL, I was actually going to do a post on it next week. I use Shaklee's Scour Off, and honestly, I've tried EVERYTHING and this is the only thing that has worked. Wait till you see my toilets, sinks, and shower. It's so bad but this is the only product that will get rid of it. Here's a link:

  15. Oooh, I agree with the poster above me! We thought we would HAVE to replace the sink original to our house with how shallow it was, but once we got a new faucet, HOLY COW! It was like we added 4-5 inches onto the depth of our sink! We do have a gooseneck that we've since purchased that needs to be installed, then we'll have even more room.



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