Thursday, July 22, 2010

Desert Rose Tablescape

I'm thinking of my Mom in a special way today. Earlier this week she had to have a minor surgery due to an injury a few weeks ago. She'll be ok and is finally starting to heal, but I've never felt farther away! Mom lives in California, and boy do I wish I was close enough to help her out! 

I've seen some beautiful tablescapes around Blogworld. I thought I would try my hand, seeing that I have beautiful dishes inherited from my Grandma, and because setting the table was always my job while growing up. I would get way into it, going around the house to find things that fit my theme. Wish I had some of those in photos now!

Enough already, let's get to the pretties!

Welcome! Won't you take that seat by the window?

Here are my Grandma's dishes.

They're called Desert Rose.

Each of us has a rose in a small glass vase.

What's for dinner?

Garden goodies, of course! 

And fresh homemade bread.

Isn't this piece sweet?

Our thrift store birdhouse centerpiece.

I made the double table runner out of a tablecloth I found at Target for $7. There are actually three pieces, so I can use them all if the table is expanded to seat 8. Oh, I hemmed the runners using my Grandma's sewing machine! The brown chargers are also from Target, the silverware is a set I found at Ross 10 years ago, and the glasses are a Princess House set that my Mom gave me. And yes, I would normally serve an entree! 

Thank you for joining us!

~ Ellie


  1. Wow very impressive, I love the mix of the old with the new. You pulled it off beautifully. i envy anyone who does tablescapes. So classy!

  2. I think your tablescape is wonderful. I love Desert Rose - so old fashioned, and timeless. Centerpieces using what is from your own garden is something I do all the time - love that too. And, paying homage to your mom during her healing time is so dear-she had to have been so pleased. Bravo!

  3. Oh yes, your homemade bread looks gorgeous. Yummmm!!!

  4. How wonderful to have your grandmother's china. Wouldn't it be fun to have pictures of the tables you set as a little girl! I really like the table runners that you made. What a great idea to make them like that to be able to use, no matter what size the table.

  5. I have a set of Desert Rose from my grandmother too! I love using it as it also brings back many fond memories. I really like the way you set this table, the black chargers really bring out the pink! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Your tablescape is very well conceived. I think that your 'Desert Rose' design is the most effective one that I've seen. The brown chargers are a brilliant choice. I also think that the lighting and wall color in your room contributes greatly to your setting. Kudos! Job well done. Cherry Kay

  7. Ellie,
    I hope your mother is doing better and will recover soon. It is always hard, not to live in neighborhood when such things happens.
    You made a very pretty table. I love the pink rose as decoration for each place. The whole table is so sweet and I love the china. Thank you so much for sharing this pretty table.
    Greetings, Johanna

  8. My grandmother had the same pattern. Your table looks lovely. Thank you for bringing back some fond memories.

  9. Oh I love that pattern! What a lovely tablescape, and that creamer is yes, so sweet. I wish I could have a piece of your wonderful homemade bread, looks scrumptious!


  10. Very pretty Desert Rose china! You have accented it beautifully with the single rose at each place setting. Cute birdhouse too!


  11. Lovely table, Ellie. How special that you inherited your grandmother's Desert Rose pretty and such a classic. Your bread looks yummy!

  12. Hi Ellie! First...want to say, I hope your Mom is doing great and healing quickly! :)
    I just love that you used to create tablescapes as a little girl before anyone even thought about it! You are definitely a kindred spirit! :-) Love your beautiful desert rose china...and the rose at each place setting is the perfect touch. Beautiful! :)



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