Thursday, August 18, 2011

Personalized Cards on the Cheap

Ok, so you know from yesterday's post that my baby is now 3 months old, right?
Yeah, I just finished his thank you cards...

I didn't want plain cards, get tired of the available baby thank you cards, and didn't want to shell out a chunk of change for making my own cards, so I did what any former scrapbooker would do and made my own.

And I used what I had.

*Boring thank you cards
*Pretty paper
*Cute picture of baby's feet that I took and had printed at the store while I was grocery shopping

I cut the pictures to size (they're wallet-sized and came printed two per page)
and did the same with the pretty paper.

I made an assembly line...

And put it all together. 

I love that it's cute, simple, personalized and CHEAP!

Mom, you'll be getting your card in a couple days--sorry for the spoiler!


  1. I love what I see, but I'm not clear about something. Are the components just stacked, so each recipient gets 3 pieces, or did you attach them together somehow?

  2. RHome410, I was making several cards and had everything stacked up assembly line style. Hope that helps!

  3. What an adorable thank you card and I love how you've personalized it with your little ones adorable, tiny toes!




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