Monday, August 13, 2012

Dawn and Details

I thought I'd take a few minutes today amidst these pretty pictures of my walk this morning to give you valuable readers the low-down on what's really going on, what our family is really up to.

We are at Weimar Center of Health and Education in California. Here is a summary straight out of the center's website description:

"Weimar Center of Health and Education is a non-profit, supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist church offering lifestyle-based health care and biblically focused secondary and higher education. The flagship NEWSTART program has assisted almost 12,000 guests in regaining wellness through natural means. Weimar College and Academy are based on the principles of true education found in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. Graduates from both schools are now located around the world working toward the soon return of Christ. Weimar Center is located on a 457-acre campus in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills above Sacramento, California."

We're not here for the academy, college or NEWSTART program, though. My husband is enrolled in the AFCOE program. 

So what is AFCOE? That's funny, I was just going to tell you! AFCOE stands for Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism.

The description from AFCOE's website reads:

"The Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism is about raising up disciples to seize the opportunity to be transformed by Christ and equipped to seek and save the lost. AFCOE will enable you to make an eternal difference for the kingdom of God as a professional Bible worker, health missionary, literature evangelist, or whatever else God has called you to be!

"At AFCOE, you'll learn to reach people just as Jesus reached them, using His methods and His message to help complete His mission.

His Mission — to seek and save the lost — Luke 19:10
His Method — to teach, preach, and heal — Matthew 4:23
His Message — in all its fullness — Revelation 1

Christ’s disciples were able to reach the world in one generation ... let's do the same together!"

Gary (my husband) would like to be a pastor. Sometimes graduates of the AFCOE program get hired as pastors right away, even though that's not the norm in our church. Sometimes they get hired as Bible workers or lay-pastors. We're not sure what will happen as Gary completes his course here in December, but we're completely sure that being here is God's will for us right now.

Last week was Week of Prayer and families were invited to the morning and evening meetings. I've never been around a friendlier, more genuine group of people. They way they act, the way they treat other people, the authenticity is amazing! I'm really impressed with the other students and the teachers and staff and how sincere they are about God. 

Gary is in class from 9-12:30 and from 2-4 Sunday-Thursday. This AFCOE session is working with a church in Sacramento. They will be doing door-to-door outreach which leads to Bible Studies with the people they meet. When this starts in another week or two, Gary and his classmates will be gone on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings as well. We all--families included--go to church on Saturday as well. 

We're busy, but it's do-able. We've been getting up at 5 AM so we have time for a walk (separately), devotions, and showers before the boys wake up. We eat together, then Gary goes to class. The boys and I stay busy with laundry, cooking, taking hikes or sometimes going to town. We're close to Roseville and it has everything! Gary comes back for lunch, then stays after class to study until supper time. He then does the usual shower routine with the boys while I clean up, then we have family worship before tucking the boys in bed. After that he studies while I blog or whatever, then we try to go to bed around 9 PM.

I'm sure I'm leaving a bunch of details out. One is the housing, I know... We're still waiting for that dresser so I can properly unpack the boys! I might just shut their closet door to hide the bins and take pictures for you as is! 

On another note, do you like the pictures? It was cloudy in the west so "sunrise" didn't really happen, you know? But still, dawn was so pretty! I love the layers of blue in the mountains with the black trees in the foreground.

Speaking of walking, do you like my new shoes? They're Vibram Five-Fingers. I really like them! My husband showed me a pair in a magazine awhile ago. I kinda rolled my eyes. :) But when I went walking the first few times here, I realized how desperately I needed new shoes! I have a wide foot and love to be barefoot, but I also need some support. These shoes are perfect! They're also machine washable and you don't need socks. Love!

I also love the footprints!

So there you have it. I may have left you with more questions now than you did before. Please ask away! I'll either answer in an email or write another post about it. I might as well as anything home-related has been put on the back burner.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. Hopefully I can get back to it soon--if not here, than in our new place in December or January, wherever it may be!


  1. That is all so exciting!! Being available to God in everything is such a blessing!! How many people can say they've sold a house and moved halfway across the country to pursue ministry...with a family?? I think you and your husband are such an encouragement!! And look at what a beautiful place God brought you to!! I'll be keeping you all in my prayers as you seek to do His will!!! :)

  2. I am so proud of all of you- it is your hubby's calling but he couldn't do it without you behind him. I have walked in your shoes and know the sacrifice it takes...but it is so worth it- Blessings- xo Diana

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