Sunday, September 25, 2011

Inspiration Files: Boys' Rooms

We tore our house apart today. 
At least it seems like it.

The boys and I are headed to my mother-in-law's house for at least a week. Meanwhile back at home, my husband is refinishing the hardwood floors in the three bedrooms and the hall. They're pretty gross and it should have been done before we moved in three years ago (almost exactly!) but there was no time or budget then. 

Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

I'd love to stay and help, but the amount of help I'd be is negated by the "HELP" our three boys would be. Ya know? So we're effectively getting out of the way. I'm so excited to come home to clean, shiny floors. I have BEFORE pictures, but for now I'd like to segue into boys' rooms.

Cuz see, nothing's ever simple around here, right?

Our house is a classic 3-bedroom, 1-bath ranch built in the mid '60s. There is no real master bedroom, just one room that's slightly larger and has a bigger closet. The bathroom is at the other end of the hall and we seem to wake the boys up when one of us is in the shower in the mornings. Their room is a little smaller and colder in the winter. Our room is a little bigger and in a couple years it will still be big enough to hold all THREE boys and their stuff. 

So... we're switching.

I just painted the boys' room last spring! I'll be painting right over it! And I'll be painting our room to get it more boyish. I have so. much. to. do!!!

In the meanwhile, I'll be browsing blogs and pinterest and BHG, etc. for inspiration. Cuz yeah, I liked the boys' new paint job... but I didn't love it. So here are some pretty pictures for your Monday and for me to think about for a week until we get home and I can start painting! 

Hey, at least their stuff won't be in the room!


  1. I definitely like the idea of putting all 3 boys together eventually! Then what will you do with the extra room?

  2. Sounds like an exciting project! One of my friends had all 3 boys in a room together and it worked out beautifully. The oldest is at West Point now, so there's only 2 in the room currently. Can't wait to follow along with the makeovers.



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