Monday, December 6, 2010

Homemade Christmas 2009

I can't share this year's homemade Christmas presents cuz my momma reads this blog. I wasn't a blogger last Christmas, but I sure was into DIY Christmas presents! 

Project #1

My husband made these votive-holder logs. He simply drilled large holes in the top of the log that would fit a votive candle. 

We kept one for our house and it's one of my favorite pieces!

Here is the votive-log all dressed up for Christmas.

Project #2

The next project took a little more time and I should have worked on it before the weather got below freezing! I remember being very cold with fingers so stiff they'd hardly work the camera as I went around our property looking for letter shapes. Here are several:

I found these frames at Walmart, and while I wasn't thrilled with them, they fit my budget. All three families I gave these to had 6 letters in their names, so I gave them each two frames. I'm planning to decoupage our family name to a barn board instead.

Our families loved the letters, especially since they were all from around our property.

Project #3

I think this one was actually from 2008, but who's counting?! I had my then-18-month-old J1 help me mix and roll out and cut cinnamon-applesauce ornaments!



... and gingerbread men. 

These are great for grandparents and smell good for years! In fact, my now-husband and I made these for our first Christmas tree 6 years ago and those still smell great too! Here's a good recipe

Well, I need to get to work on this year's homemade gifts! I can't believe there are less than three weeks until Christmas! Am I the only one?!

Dare to DIY

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  1. Love the log-into-candleholder. How clever is that? And I may just have a plethora of them in my garage that I used for a party decoration once.

    Thanks for sharing your projects on Dare to DIY this week. They are great.

  2. Great projects!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great ideas! I can't wait to make up some of those ornaments :+)

  4. Hi Ellie, I love the log candle. I have thought about that for sometime now. All very cute and festive.

  5. What wonderful creations! I love making things for the holidays! You've given me some more ideas! Hugs! ♥

  6. Such great projects. I really love how you found letters around your property to photograph. Such a great idea. Thanks again for linking.

  7. Come over to NewlyWoodwards - I have something for you.

  8. Love your projects! The log came out great and the letter artwork is fabulous!

  9. Hi, I found you via boring to better from "Savvy Southern Style"... love the log votif candle holder... I live in the woods and we are definitely making some home made gifts for aunts and uncles this year! I'm ready to go log hunting! Can't you just see that made with birch logs? Gorgeous!

    If you have a chance, stop by my blog sometime. I'm going to follow you as soon as I post this!




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