Thursday, December 23, 2010

Feature and a ChristmasTreat

My stocking holders are one of the features on The DIY Showoff' today! Stop by Roeshel's blog and check it out!

My husband's vacation started today, the presents are almost all wrapped, and we're almost ready for the big day! I'm making banana bread today to give out as neighbor gifts and to friends at church. Do you have more baking to do?

One of my favorite treats at Christmas is peppermint bark. I made it for the first time this year and it was simple and fun! I had some leftover supplies, so I made another version of it.

Use a 'double boiler' to melt chocolate chips.
Grab some mini-pretzels.

When the chocolate has melted...

...start dipping! Lay them on a piece of parchment paper.

Pop the pretzels on a cookie sheet and into the freezer. 

Locate and unwrap a few candycanes.

Take out your frustrations on the canes in a
zip-top bag with a rolling pin!

Get out the white chocolate almond bark.
Chop up the almond bark so it's easier to melt.

When it's melted, get the tray of pretzels from the freezer
and start dipping again!

While the white chocolate is still wet, dip the pretzels in
the candycane crumbs.

Mmm! Sweet & salty, chocolate/peppermint yumminess!

Let the pretzels harden in the freezer,
then add them to a decorative tin.

This tin just happens to say Peppermint Bark!

These didn't last long here. Mostly my fault... I haven't made any more Christmas treats since then as it seems I have no will power! Do you? 

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  1. These look great but I have no willpower either! Thanks for visiting my blog! The tile coasters really wouldn't be that hard to do knowing what I know now! haha



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