Thursday, December 2, 2010

First Snow

We had our first snowfall today! 

I bundled up my little guys and we took a walk around our property.

First we walked down to the mailbox. Here's J trying to catch a snowflake on his tongue!

J2 had a hard time walking in his puffy snowsuit. :)

So cute! I have to point out that both boys are in complete outfits with puffy, warm coats, the right sized snowpants and boots and the only thing I bought was the blue coat my younger son is wearing. The rest are hand-me-downs! I love family! Snow gear is so expensive.

I know, poorly focused, but still...

Here's our dog, Jude, and his fort my husband made from hay bales. Jude comes in the house off and on during the day, but spends a lot of time in his shelter when he's outside. 

 Snowflakes! I wish I could just bring these in and use them to decorate the house!

Here's my little snowman! I try to dress my boys much warmer than myself when we go outside in the winter. That way I know that I'll get cold faster than they will and that's when we'll go back inside. I won't take them out if it's windy or more than 10-15 degrees below freezing, and only for about 20-30 minutes. Gotta keep my little guys safe and warm!

J1 loves to eat snow! His Mommy taught him how last year.

Now he's teaching J2! Mmmm!

Jude is ready for the next part of our winter exploration adventure! Come on, guys!

We went out to explore the barn. We passed the strawberries and my husband's bees on the way.

Here's the view from the barn looking east. There's not much snow yet. Most of the winter this view is completely white!

I think the age and sad state of the barn make it look picturesque. Here's the equipment ramp from the inside of the barn door looking out.

Someday this ... whatever it is ... will find its way into my house!

We wandered from the barn to the top of our little hill. This is the view west. Our hybrid willows really shot up this summer! (They're 6-8 feet tall now, I'd guess, and less than 2 years old.) Hopefully they'll help the snow drift farther from the house this winter!

Here's the back of our little country house.

My garden looks pretty sad! Soon it'll be covered by several feet of snow and I won't see it until spring when the snow thaws.

My nose and fingers were getting cold so we headed back to the house by way of the woodpile. My husband has been busy!

The wreath I fixed up yesterday greeted us when we got back to the front door. I love how it looks after its little makeover and can already tell I won't be ready to take it down in January! Maybe I could add some snowflakes and call in my winter wreath rather than a Christmas one. Right?

Hope you enjoyed our walk in the snow today!


  1. your boys are so cute they look like that little boy in a christmas story. We are in for snow this weekend.

  2. I love your "new" wreath! Just the right touches!

    I have 2 little boys as I know the love for son very well. :)

  3. Your grounds are HUGE! I'm amazed at how much land you have.

    Your little boys looks competely does your dog (though obviosuly not in the same way!!!). What kind of dog do you have?




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