Friday, August 14, 2015

Kootenai Falls Swinging Bridge

Northern Idaho is seriously beautiful.


We've been trying to take advantage of this amazing place where we live and get out in it whenever we can! I've been wanting to share these outings on the blog so you can appreciate them vicariously. I'm hoping to do one a week, so keep me accountable if I forget!

This last weekend we headed about 30 miles east into Montana to walk a swinging bridge and see Kootenai Falls.

We hiked about half a mile down river to the swinging bridge. I thought the boys would have a harder time crossing it than they did. They were champs!

 We tried to not make it a big deal, to just watch Daddy and not look down. It was a long way down!

I had a few qualms myself, but they only allow 5 people on the bridge at a time, so our whole family got to cross together with no one else. That helped! Plus, a party of larger-sized proportions crossed while we were waiting, so Jonathan and I reassured each other that if they could do it, we could too, cuz our family didn't weigh as much as they did! Ha!

We took a victory selfie on the other side!

We found a way down to the river and took off our socks and shoes to wade in the very cold water. That was refreshing!

The boys threw rocks and practiced skipping them.

After our refreshing break, we crossed the bridge back to the main trial and hiked upriver to the falls.

We watched for awhile and just appreciated being able to enjoy nature like this so close to home!

Thanks for stopping by!

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