Monday, August 17, 2015

Another Living Room

Over the years if you've been following my blog, you've seen several versions of our living room as we've moved quite frequently. Our current home is no different; mostly the same stuff just arranged to fit a new living room. We did get new couches though!

Our current home is a rental and as such, there are things we can't change. So please ignore the brown carpet, awful (and non-functioning) vertical blinds and all of that brown paneling!

We're thrilled with our new couch and loveseat. We have never had new furniture in our home, so this is a big deal to us! The couches are kid friendly, quite comfortable, and compliment Gary's leather recliner. I like how neutral they are without being a light color and think they will hold up well.

Our TV cabinet is now home to our fish tank. I think it's pretty, Gary enjoys the hobby, and the boys like watching the fish. Besides, the tank's pump sounds a lot like a waterfall!

We inherited Gary's dad's piano. I'm looking forward to teaching the boys a thing or two about how to play!

Wouldn't that paneling look so much better in white?

I loved this crib spring display above our dining table in our last house but dressed it up a little for the living room. The banner was from Gary's graduation and you can write on it with chalk, but I like it plain for now. I've displayed the newest pictures of our boys, some favorite snapshots, and of course the ultrasound images of our baby girl!

This is the main entrance to the house. I might switch Gary's chair and the loveseat, but I really like this table in the entrance. Across from it is this dresser and mirror with a small bin for shoes. The door leads to what will be the baby's room. See a glimpse of pink?

Thanks for visiting our home!

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