Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pickin' Blackberries

 We went blackberry picking this morning!

You could spend the day picking and there would still be more blackberries. Some of the juiciest ones are just out of reach!

We did let Josiah out of the stroller because of the thorns on the blackberry bushes. I gave him a few berries to nibble on and he was happy! 

Jonathan did a great job picking! I was impressed at how many berries ended up in his bowl and not in his tummy.

Unlike this guy! Jared's container was usually empty, but his fingers and face and shirt showed that he really had been picking berries!

The best berry picking location (that we know of) is about a mile away from our dorm. It was already hot at 8 AM when we were out there.

We all got a few scratches and pokes from thorns. 

Caught in the act!

After our return hike (uphill the whole way!!!), I made pancakes and blackberry syrup for breakfast!



  1. Yum-That looks so good. Did you know that the thorns are blackberries grow to the that you get scratched when you remove your arm after reaching in to pick them? Unlike raspberries- where the thorns reach out to snag you before you get to them. Weird, huh? xo Diana

  2. So cute! Brings back memories of picking black berries with my sisters when we were younger!



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