Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our Adventure: Utah-Nevada

This post is 6 days overdue. We're not still wandering around Salt Lake City! We got the car worked on and drove that day on a set of new tires.

Salt Lake City is beautiful. I love the mountains as a backdrop! I stayed here once on a ski trip in 7th grade and was able to ski in five different resorts in five days. Beautiful!

Our trip started a little later than usual due to our car being in the shop. It runs great now and we're so glad we took the time to get it fixed. There's a lot of nothing between Salt Lake City and Reno, as you're going to see. Or not see, since it's nothing...

At first we drove by The Great Salt Lake

and saw beautiful mountains

 and salt factories. Right? Is that what that is? Is it edible? Used in some other way?

We passed what looked like big mud puddles, but they were white. And hard, evidently, as people had written on the smooth places with rocks. I wonder how many years later you can go back and find your word or name or whatever!

There was this cool modern tree like sculpture thing. It was huge!

And then this.... Nothingness.

I was so preoccupied by the nothing that I almost missed this sign! That's why it's so big--we were that close!

As is Nevada's custom, there was a big flashy casino right over the boarder. What is it with Nevada?! I was a proud, voting, hard-working, tax-paying Nevadan for seven years and love many things about that state. :)

I love this barn but I don't think you could pay me enough to live out there! Seriously, there were tiny towns that probably exist because of the traffic on I 80, but other than that it's hours to either Salt Lake or Reno. And no trees or flowers...

The boys were particularly amused by these triple trailer trucks!


This was our second-longest day of the trip and we were all feeling the fatigue. Maybe it was because we knew we were almost there... Maybe it was looking at nothing all day! We were happy to see Reno come into view, and even though we only had about an hour and a half left to get to our final destination, we decided to call it quits for the night.

It was dark by the time we made it to our room on the top floor of the Holiday Inn. I didn't take the time to blog but enjoyed the Olympics for about an hour before calling it a night.

So there you have it! A long day with not much to look at, but we're almost done!

Tomorrow: California!

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