Monday, July 23, 2012

Inspiration: Tree Stump Tables and Stools

One of the DIY projects that's been on my some day list is making a tree stump table or stool. You know I love that little touch of nature and having something rustic in the rooms I decorate in my house. Tree stump tables or stools would fit the bill perfectly!

Here I've gathered 12 inspiring pictures from Pinterest--where else?! Some stumps are big, some small, some with bark, some painted, some used as a coffee table, some work as a side table. Some stumps double as a table or a stool, and stumps can be found in any room in the house.

Source: via Tonya on Pinterest

Source: via Kristy on Pinterest

Source: via Grace on Pinterest

Which was your favorite? I love the last picture but I'm not sure having everything on casters would work in my house--my boys would have some amazing races on those stumps!


  1. I think I like the white ones best. We have so much natural wood that these would make a nice contrast- xo Diana



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