Friday, July 13, 2012

Good Eats VII

Oh man! What a week this has been! I plan to do an update post soon (in all my spare time--ha!), so let's just skip all that and get to the food!

Friday: Mac and "cheese", salad with imitation baco bits and ranch, crusty bread with olive oil/vinegar dip. This cheese sauce is super easy to make: blend a cup of cashews with two cups of water, a teaspoon each of salt and onion powder, a tablespoon of nutritional yeast and either half of a red bell pepper or a small can of tomato paste. It's ready to eat right out of the blender, so I just added it to the pan of cooked, rinsed and drained macaroni. Easy and delicious!

We also had peach crisp with vanilla bean ice cream. I know, it doesn't make sense to have vegan cheese with real dairy ice cream. Can you say "idiosyncrasy"? The ice cream is definitely a treat, not a regular feature.  The crisp was made with Betty Crocker's apple crisp recipe and I just subbed the peaches. Yum!

Saturday: We were at a friend's house and they pulled out a real popcorn popper! My boys loved watching it! They had little bags to put the popcorn in too, and taught us a really yummy topping: peanut butter M&Ms! We also ate oranges, apples and some dried fruit.

Sunday: This Ultimate Veggie Fried Rice dish is one of my favorites ever! I got the recipe in the September 2009 issue of Vegetarian Times. Basically it's whatever leftover rice you have sauteed with onion, celery, carrots and herbs de Provence. I keep an herbs de Provence spice blend (from Target) on hand just for this recipe. I usually add beans of some kind for more protein but this was the night before Town Day and I didn't have any. In self defense, we had eaten a late lunch with plenty of protein and even white rice has lots of protein in it. And we usually don't eat white rice. I had cleaned out some cupboards and was trying to use up the last of a bag. :)

Monday: On Town Day I usually grab something easy while we're at the store because we don't get home until late and we're all tired and hungry! See, we have one car right now (preparing for a huge life change, remember?) and we live 45 miles from town. For the last couple months we've been dropping my husband off at work and staying in town all day until he's ready to come home at 4 PM. The boys and I do our budget grocery shopping, run any random errands (this week it was Target for something Walmart doesn't carry and the post office for stamps), Taco Bell and the splash pad.

Anyway, we ate vegetarian BLTs and corn on the cob. The veggie "bacon" we use is Morning Star Farms found in the freezer, usually with a bunch of other vegetarian things. I'm not sure what it's called, but you can tell by the picture that it's imitation bacon.

Tuesday: We had burritos with yummy deliciousness! I made a version of Cowboy Caviar--beans, corn, tomatoes, sweet peppers, jalepenos, leftover rice, lime juice.... Usually onion, but I really really don't like raw onions. The burritos also had more of that cashew cheese, salsa, ranch, lettuce and some corn chips for crunch. It was so so good!

And then we stopped eating for the week!

Not really, but I don't have pictures of the last two nights. On Wednesday my husband was in town late for a meeting, so the boys and I ate more sandwiches and leftover mac and "cheese". On Thursday I had a doctor's appointment and grabbed Subway sandwiches on the way home. Subway is a great place for veggie sandwiches, by the way. Load up on those veggies, make sure the cheese and bread are toasted and you're in for a treat!

So there you have it! I'm linking up with Becky again this week. Love this party!

feed my family friday

I'm pretty sure I'll be taking a break from listing our suppers for awhile as we transition. My husband is off work and we need to be out of the house by next Friday. My mother in law will be here to help with the boys, then we'll be on vacation for a couple weeks as we make our way out to California for my husband's school. More details to follow!

What did you eat this week?


  1. Ellie, what a great week of food love the veggie rice that looks amazing. Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh my gosh! With only 30 minutes left to go in the workday I was already hungry, but no I'm starving! That all looks so delicious!

  3. God bless you, Ellie. I am sure this will be an exciting and busy week for you. Stay in touch as you can, but most importantly, enjoy every moment you can with hubby and kids as you make this move. I know he is going to do real well with this. I am proud that you are making the choice to do this at the ages you are at. We waited until our kids were grown and gone but should have done it when they were little- xo Diana



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