Monday, July 2, 2012

Inspiration Files: My Kitchen Moodboard

As you know, we're moving in a few weeks. While I'm excited for a new adventure, I'm disappointed we won't be renovation our kitchen here. We've been waiting for four years to do that, and I've spent HOURS and hours dreaming and scheming and planning.

This picture has so many of my favorite ideas. It was featured in the November/December 2008 issue of Cottage Living, which was also the magazine's last issue. You can read more about this reno HERE by a blogger who is a friend of the owner of this kitchen.

To give myself a little closure, I put together my idea of a moodboard between Pinterest and PicMonkey this weekend. Because stuff like this is fun for me! Seriously, I've gotten our renovation down to inches and dollars--completely sourced and all planned out. Sigh...

Isn't is pretty?! Want more details? Well, here are some descriptions of the images:

After I spent way too much time to put this together, I realized I'd left a couple things out. And changed my mind about the ORB.

I would much rather have stainless pulls and knobs...

... and I have a closet that was going to continue in its current function of a coat closet but would have some day been turned into a fabulous pantry like this:

Better Homes & Gardens
My talented husband was going to build a knock-off Pottery Barn table with Ana White plans, and we might have opted for something with closed storage for the island. Well, my husband didn't want an island at all, so we might have ended up not putting one in. We were going to knock down a wall between the kitchen and living room to add a couple more feet to the kitchen, then turn a window into french doors with access to a some-day patio.

Anyway, I guess it doesn't do any good to go though all of the details, because we're out of here in three weeks! We'll be living in temporary housing for at least 4 months, but maybe after that we'll be more permanently settled and I can start dreaming of a new kitchen plan that fits that house. Whatever happens, I plan to keep blogging, so you'll be updated on all of it.

Be inspired!

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  1. Ellie- I know it must be bittersweet to be moving and disrupting your normal life-but I do think you will be blessed by it all. I know we were-and someday it will all come to fruition. Blessings-3 weeks already? xo Diana

  2. Dear Ellie. I think it will be so exiting to start planning in a new place. I`m sure everything will turn to the best for you and your family.

    Love and hugs from me.

  3. Did your house sell yet? Must be getting exciting... How are the boys doing with the idea?

  4. Your inspiration pictures are gorgeous! So sorry you won't get to make them a reality in this house though!

    We have plans to redo our kitchen in the next few years too!

  5. I so remember that exact feeling when we sold our last house eleven years ago. Fortunately your heart moves on and you get new projects and you even get an opportunity to use some of those ideas.

    I used that same kitchen as an inspiration when I painted ours a few years ago - love all the details.



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