Monday, April 23, 2012

Inspiration Files: "Dirty" Desserts

My boys all have birthdays in May. Even I am not sure how that happened, but it makes for one birthday party to plan for this Momma! 

I've been trolling Pinterest, of course, for ideas. I'm not exactly one of those awesome moms who has elaborate parties with beautiful decorations, perfect events, delicious food and an adorable cake that completes the theme. Not because I don't want to be--I wish I was better at event planning! I'm much more comfortable with a small supper whenever Grandparents are in town, with balloons, cupcakes and a present or two! 

Enough about me; here are the fun ideas for "dirt" cake that I've found that seem to be fun and planned yet simple and easy!

Source: via Ellie on Pinterest

Source: via Ellie on Pinterest

Aren't those great? I think I could pull any one of those cakes off--especially the ones with no cake involved! 

I've got to get those invitations in the mail!


  1. Oh- Aren't those the cutest things ever? What little guy wouldn't like any one of those...or what 3 little guys, that is. Blessings...enjoy every moment of these days- xo Diana

  2. Oh, so cute. Lucky boys that have something like that for his burthday.

    Have a nice day




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