Thursday, April 26, 2012

Giant Ruler

You've seen the giant rulers everyone's making, right? Love the concept, love the look, had to make it.

We have a small wall in the middle of everything that fits the ruler perfectly. You can see our living room to the left, the hallway to the right. The open door is our bedroom. You're standing in the kitchen while looking at the ruler. (Should I be freaked out that there's a stranger in my house, or excited that you came to visit?)


I took some time away from sorting boxes in the storage room (will it ever end?!??) and created something. As much as I like sorting and organizing, creating is better!

My husband just so happened to have a piece of wood hanging around in the garage. I stole it. Mwah hah hah! 

Here are the steps I took to make my ruler:
  • sand the face and edges of the board with a power sander tool thingy
  • stain the board. I used minwax's special walnut, one coat.
  • measure and mark the lines with a tape measure and pencil
  • draw the lines with a sharpie and a ruler/straight edge/something
  • use stencils to draw the numbers, again using a sharpie
  • apply two quick coats of poly
  • measure (kind of important!) and hang the finished ruler 

Did you catch my supply list? Here it is again:
  • board 
  • sander
  • stain
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • sharpie
  • poly

Since we had all of the supplies on hand, this awesome giant ruler was free! Now I can paint the doorway we were previously marking up, and if we should move one day, this precious family heirloom can come with us!

Just in time for the birthday markings in a couple weeks!

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  1. I've never seen a giant ruler like that before - - - interesting.

    However, Fisherhubby had a ruler once that had real tiny "inches" on one side and normal size on the other - - - the tiny ones were to measure YOUR fish, and the normal ones to measure his!

    We also have a yardstick propped up by the front door that is from "Broyles Electric", a now defunct business in Marion, Indiana which bore hubby's last name.

  2. That is just darling. I saw my very first one today on someone's blog. How cool is that...and you can take it with you if you ever move. We used to have ours marked on the jamb of a door when I was growing up...and now the old house has been burned up.

    Your little guy is just adorable! xo Diana

  3. So cool. Love it. I haven`t seen one like that before.


  4. Oh neat, I haven't seen these before! This would look good in our playroom, and I love that you can have a permanent growth chart instead of having to paint over it. I'm stopping by from the weekend blog hop. Thanks for the idea!

  5. Sorry in advance for yelling, but
    I SO LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love your ruler, Ellie! I want to make one, too. My daughter is 17, so I don't think she'll be all over it, ;-) , but I think it could be a great conversation piece for the adults who stop by! So much fun!!!

  7. This is so fun!! I've seen these floating around, too, and thought they were lovely. I love your version!



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