Sunday, April 29, 2012

Barns of Benton County: Cows!

I don't get out much. The city is far and the small towns in between the city and our place don't have much to offer.

Sometimes after a crazy day I'll leave the boys with my husband and go for a drive. Last week I drove ten miles south, most of it on gravel roads. I must have found 20 new barns!

These feisty looking cows and calves are just a couple miles south of us.

Presiding over it all is a white barn, one of two or three on the property. I'm sure one of the cows would swear SHE is the boss, right? 

Have you seen any barns lately?


  1. You can tell by the well-fed look and cleanliness of that cattle that a good farmer owns those cows. xo Diana

  2. love all the cows in front of the white barn. love it!! (:

  3. I see these big working farms & wonder if the owners/farmers think it's as beautiful as I do... they know or they wouldn't be there, right?! LoL!

    Thank you for joining =)

  4. That was sure a huge beautiful Barn Ellie! I bet you had fun on that trip seeing 20 new barns, that was much! And mind the barn's color, it's white! Looks really very neat and cozy! I'm really having a lot of fun when I'm out for a trip and see barns along the way.



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