Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wanna Know a Secret?

What do these pictures have in common?

Did you figure it out? HINT: They all have the same background.

It's the countertops. Big deal, right?

Here's the secret: It's contact paper.


It's clean and nuetral. We haven't renovated our kitchen yet and the original laminate was pinkish peachy sparkles with cracks and burn marks and sparkles missing. Oh, and when we first moved in it was rather gray with built-up grime. I didn't get the contact paper epiphany for at least a year, but I love it! For now, it's what works.

Did I mention that it's clean?!


  1. Okay, what a great idea! We have some organgey/tan/yellowish counters and this may be a good solution. Smart thinking, Ellie! :) They look great!

  2. That looks great..I havenever heard of that either until now! I will be keeping that in mind ;) Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a fabulous idea! I wish you would come up with something for vinyl floors. That's really cool. I hope you do the designers challenge on my blog. I would love to see what you come up with.

  4. Cool idea. I once covered a refrigerator with contact paper so it would match the other appliances. Great quick fix.

  5. Your contact paper solution is the best temporary fix, I've used it myself. I even used it to pull together the accessories in my office with a green marble design, everything looked great!

  6. I had to giggle a bit over the contact paper. My Mom used contact paper all over our kitchen...on the walls, the name it! Thanks for bringing back a warm memory.

    It really will last a long, long time!



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